Positano – Villa Oliviero


Positano - 16 kms from Amalfi - Positano – Villa Oliviero

Sleeps up to 14 pers.

This breathtaking villa is perched on a rocky outcrop high above the bustling summer crowds of the Amalfi Coast and embraces one of the oldest and most local areas of the town of Positano. In the heat of the summer months it always seems 10 degrees cooler in this magnificent villa. It enjoys a 360 view of the Lattari Mountains, the Galli Is, the town of Positano and the Mediterranean Sea from as far west to east as meets the eye. On a clear day you can see the island of Capri. This wonderful property could be your dream holiday , special event or once in a life time wedding occasion- with total peace and quiet you wont miss a thing as this villas has THE bird's eye view of the coast and all that happens within!

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Positano - 16 kms from Amalfi - Positano – VILLA DEL SOGNO

8 double suites - 16 pers + 2 sofa beds

I have been strolling past this magnificent pink palazzo for over 2 decades and often wondered who owned it. Recently a good friend purchased this wonderful property and today it is one of the most breathtaking villas on the Amalfi Coast. Constructed in 1741 atop one of the many Roman ruins of this region, this pink palazzo has all the trimmings of that era. Beautifully frescoed dome ceilings, think walls to keep the heat and cold out and the perfect temperature in and breathtaking views of the Amalfi Coast, the island of Capri and the rich blue Mediterranean Sea.

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Casa Isabella

Fresh white washed terrace with turquoise blue trimmed windows and navy sun inside peak into a crisp double bedroom with blue and white striped bed cover.

Positano - 16 kms from Amalfi - Casa Isabella

Sleeps 4 pers - two double beds

This charming and delightful villetta is tucked away on a lush green pathway in the quietest corner of Positano. I remember when a dear friend lived in this little villetta many years ago, she gave wonderful dinner parties and the walk down the long pathway to reach the front door was part of its charm! We were never in a hurry to leave and totally secluded from curious eyes. It was our little haven. This magical little corner will give you all the treats of the Amalfi Coast and the luxuries of a sophisticated world with home delivered groceries! (including the wine for those evening meals!)

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Positano - 16 km from Amalfi - VILLA UNICA

sleeps 6 pers.

This enchanting villa is renowned for its famous history as the property of the famous Neapolitan painter Francesco ‘Lord’ Mancini during the 1800’s. Recently remodelled beautifully by a loving local stylist, the villa has lost none of its charm and now has the added comforts of a refined and minimal style. Its clean pristine lines only enhance its central position in the town and make it the perfect luxury destination for those seeking a tranquil holiday without being removed for all the special things Positano has to offer! And you will LOVE the elegant infinity pool!

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Positano - - TORRE PORTA

Sleeps 2 pers (tower) + 1 adult or 2 children (annex)

The owner of this tower/villa and I go way back. Rai was the owner of the shop I rented in Positano for 10 years. Since she did up the tower I have been sending friends and family here to enjoy their holidays in Positano. Some townsfolk said it was haunted - by a freindly ghost. I knew my mother had an affinity with spirits ( both kind in the old days) so very curiously booked her into the tower one year for a holiday. She never complained about strange things going bump in the night and woke up smiling every morning. I can only think if there WAS a ghost, it must have been charming!

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Colomba Villetta


Positano - - Colomba Villetta

Sleeps 5 pers- 2 bedrooms

This fresh airy two bedroom, two bathroom villetta was once a Cistern, but Rai ( the tower Porta and Ulysses apt owner) did it up magically with her impeccible taste. Rai has been a freelance set designer for the famous Franco Zeffirelli for years! I have sent many friends and family here over the years, a lot who have stayed for well over a month to enjoyed it's proximity to town, wonderful views, cool thick walls which keep the summer heat out and it's the beauty of it's lush surrounding garden.

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Sleeps 4 pers

This is the baby sister apartment to Colomba and is perched just above. They make an idea double rent if you are more than 4 pers. My mother Maggie and I stayed here a few years ago and enjoyed the company of our friends close by but maintained our own space and tranquility when needed. It too has a splendid terrace ideal for lunches under the pergola, reading a book in the shade or practicing some early morning yoga facing the Mediterranean to help develop your inner eye!

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Villa Lighea


Positano - - Villa Lighea

5 bedrooms - sleeps 10 - 12 pers

This is the newest baby on the block! And the young dynamic brother/sister team who have created this multi terraced haven have been friends for years. Robi walked me through this fabulous villa in 2008 chatting away quietly about the spacious bedrooms, multi terracing and the 5 mins walk into town. The surprise came when we got to the kitchen which is fully & professionally equipped! The bonus with this family is that Mamma e Papa' run a fabulous Agrotourism property just down the coastal road and they will often do a great deal with split accommodation. Fantastic small pool to cool off when you get home from the beach.

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Villa Dicondra


Positano - 30 mins from AMALFI - Villa Dicondra

4-5 bedrooms - sleeps 8 - 11 pers

This villa deserves a medal for having the best pool in Positano surrounded by green lush clover and a magnificent view of Positano. I met the Irish owner many years ago and well after her French husband passed away. We became friends and she would often recount wonderful stories of the property they ran outside Florence in the small town of Fiesole, one of my favourite stomping grounds from the days I lived in Florence. I later discovered that the property she was referring to, was the breathtaking 15thC monastery, Villa S. Michele - today a luxury 5 star hotel minus some exceptional pieces of furniture that today reside in the Villa Dicondra in Positano! The villa is a short descent from the main Amalfi Coast roadside ( apx 110 stairs to the front door) and is nestled just above the beach of Arienzo. This quaint little beach is accessible from the villa using the stairs that take you directly down to the little beach bar/restaurant where you can enjoy a late breakfast or delicious lunch and swim in the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean. This beach is also an ideal pick up point by boat to get you easily onto the main beach in town where all the restaurant, shops, hydrofoils, excursions and boat hires are available.

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Villa Nuvolari


Positano - - Villa Nuvolari

4 bedrooms - sleeps 8-9 pers

I met the owner of this magnificent villa at my partner's restaurant just a 5 mins boat ride away. He was tall, grey with piercing blue eyes to match the Mediterranean sea, a regular customer , a wicked sense of humour and totally charming! Eventually we became friends and would spend time at his magnificent home listening to his colourful stories and dreaming of what life would be like living in this beautiful home right on the Mediterranean sea just outside Positano. Since Luciano passed away his family have kept up the maintanance of the splendid property with summer rentals.

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Villa Delizia

Main terrace view

POSITANO - 1/2 hour to Amalfi - Villa Delizia - Villa Delizia

sleeps 6 pers + 2 on queen sofa bed

This beautifully positioned villa is right infront of the Galli Is. in the heart of Positano. It enjoys the main beach to the left and the fun local beach of Fornillo to the right. Villa Delizia is the villa with it's heart and soul in the kitchen which is a chef's dream! With typical hanging copper pots that decorate the walls, a long dining table for a hungry party & plenty of space to practice pizza tossing, this villa is truely a cooks' delight. On the other hand it is surrounded by quaint little terraces that embrace the entire villa to enjoy a simple relaxing moment with breath-taking views. An excellent local chef can be arranged to give cooking classes and you don't even have to leave home!

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Villa Solare – Sleeps up to 12 pers.


Positano - 30 mins from Amalfi - Villa Solare – Sleeps up to 12 pers.

sleeps 8 - 13 pers.

This is a jewel of a Villa perched up in the area of Positano called La Sponda, . It is right below Bar Bruno one of my favourite spots to eat in Positano and enjoys breath taking panoramic views of the main beach, the Galli Is and on a clear day the island of Capri! it is surrounded by lush gardens created by plenty of sun light. This fantastic villa can be rented as one property and would sleep 13 pers OR it can be easily divided into three seperate apartments sharing only one communal entrance gate to the property but all with their own individual entance way.

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Villa Giusy


Positano - 30 mins from AMALFI - Villa Giusy

5 bedrooms - sleeps 10 pers

The is the most central villa in Positano and nestled along side the Mother Church and just under the 5 star Hotel Le Sirenuse. I became friends with the owner years ago when she sent me her personal masseur to fix a frozen shoulder. She was one of the more colourful characters in town splitting her time between Positano and the snow country in winter. Sadly she had passed on but her savvy daughter has taken over running this delightful villas directing the comings and goings from her home in Rome. It boasts the BEST party terrace on the coast overlooking the main beach.

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6 bedrooms - 4 double/3 single - sleeps 11 pers

This is the postcard of Positano - and for me always was. In my very early days in Positano my partner introduced me to the guardian of this amazing 13thC tower. At the time the owner was still alive and a real live Princess! and like many pricesses she lived to almost 100. I met her once fleetingly but she was pretty tucked away when at the tower. I managed to organize a large noisy group of friends to stay in this property quite some years ago, sure that the neighbours ( there are none) wouldn't mind the noise! I often make a trip to visit Daniele the guardian who lives on the property and maintains it beautifully with updates and yearly improvements. This is a very special holiday.

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Palazzo Mezzanotte


Positano - - Palazzo Mezzanotte

4 double bedrooms - sleeps 10 ( + sofa beds)

A historical hillside monastery from the 1700's and built as a Episcopal residence can only enhance the beauty and magic of Positano. Recently purchased by a local and good friend, this villa has been beautifully restored into what it is today - a magnificent villa of transquility but with all the features for fun! - most of all it's industrially equipped kitchen. My favourite time to visit this villa is in the off season when all the visitors have gone and Giaccomo the owner and friends gather to enjoy long festive meals in the heated kitchen or swim in it's delicious warm indoor pool after a leisurely massage. Closer to the sky than to the sea, this is truly is heaven on earth!

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Villa Serenita


Positano - 1/2 hour to Amalfi - Villa Serenita

Villa - 7-8 pers + Studios 6-8 pers.

La Villa Serenita' is secretely tucked away from the eagar eyes of passing tourism and enjoys one of the most serene corners of the coast. The villa is surronded by lush native vegetation but has spectacular views overlooking the Amalfi Coast and is just a short 15 mins walk into the heart of Positano.

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Villa Giardino Fresco


- - Villa Giardino Fresco

Villa Giardino Fresco is just that – a Cool Garden of tranquilly and quiet with a bustling coastline below. This is the ideal spot for a total relax in the heat of summer. With regular local bus timetables and just 20 mins up the hill from Positano it really does offer so much. This is a very “locals” area of the coast. The locals are few, friendly and incredibly helpful.

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Villa Acqua al Cielo


Nocelle - - Villa Acqua al Cielo

2 bedrooms - sleeps 4 per

This is the sister villa to the one above. Slightly smaller, she makes up for her short comings with a fabulous little pool on a terrace which hangs suspended above Positano with the most spectacular views of the coast. Instead of the "Pizza Party" which can be had at the Giardino Fresco Villa, here you can enjoy the "Pool Party".

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Nocelle - - Segreta

Sleeps 2 - 3 pers

This is a little villetta nestled between its big brother and sister properties, Acqua al Cielo and Giardino Fresco. A romantic getaway for just two or the three properties together make up a perfect rental for 10 û 12 pers with the peaceful and quiet surroundings of the town of Nocelle just 5 kms above the bustling Amalfi Coast. All three properties share the use of a splendid pool with phenomenal panoramic views over Positano and the Amalfi Coast. It has a comfortable dining area just next to the pool on the terrace and a locally crafted ceramic tiled outdoor shower ( hot & cold water) .

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Villa Aurora


Praiano - - Villa Aurora

3 bedroom - sleeps 6 - 11 pers

I have known the owner of this villa since he was a little blond bomber playing on the beach under my house when I first moved to Positano. Like his family who are in the fashion business, he grew up with taste. He married one of the prettiest girls in the neighbouring town of Praiano, had a gaggle of little blond bombers ( twins run in the family) and recently bought and renovated this charming little villa in Praiano. This is a truly peaceful holiday away from the crowds.

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Villa Pergola


Praiano - - Villa Pergola

3 bedrooms - sleeps 6

The owner of this villa and I became friends in our swimwear......In fact I don't think I have ever seen him wearing much more than a pair of swim trucks and a t-shrit. Natale then showed me through his wonderful villa in Praiano years ago, with views, orchards and tranquility it became one of my dream holiday destinations. He also showed me the family's little apartment in a very"local" area of Positano which at the time posessed a large grand piano kept under lock and key naturally - his mother being a professional and very good piano player. The apartment too is rented during the season.

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