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Please note that all prices on our website are approximate & are considered “dynamic’ prices today, meaning your quoted price at the time of booking may differ from the ones you see here according to the number of requests being made around the time of your booking.

The thing I love about a Guest House in Positano is the feel of ‘no-fuss’ and staying with a local family. This is our smallest category and is really not considered official Positano accommodation. A guesthouse was once described as a ‘boarding house’ or an ‘inn’…… but in another era. However, after years of living in Positano and knowing many of the guesthouse owners intimately, to Amanda, a guesthouse is generally a smaller hotel or room rental with a variety of services, according to the individual guesthouse. It’s a grey area to describe a classic guesthouse in Positano as a holiday rental.

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Usually family-run, there is a nurturing feeling of staying in someone’s home. Some rooms have cooking facilities but most don’t. Occasionally you will find a pool, but mostly not. Breakfast is usually simple & included in the room rate, but not always.

This is an affordable relaxed and easy holiday rental with a lot of variety as to what facilities are available in each private rental. For this reason, a brief email to Amanda to explain what you are looking for is your best option. Amanda will assist you in a very short time to narrow down your options and help you decide which is the best holiday rental for you.

A classic no-fuss guesthouse is often an option for a less costly sojourn than the classic hotel. Obviously, the amenities are also less detailed. A bowl of pasta in your room at midnight might be difficult to organise through your guesthouse. But often these establishments offer an apartment with a kitchenette attached to the main building, so you can cook your own pasta at midnight!