Whether planning a special trip to the captivating Amalfi Coast for a big birthday, a romantic wedding, a simply relaxing vacation or a luxury gourmet safari of the region, Amanda is the one to contact! With over 2 decades experience living & working on this beautiful coastline combined with her passionate knowledge of the region, she can assist you with everything you may need to make your ideal event a special one on the Amalfi Coast. She will get you there, find you the right accommodation for your needs, sauce the best venue for your event and advise you on the perfect gourmet choices to give everyone in your party the dream holiday of a lifetime!


Check out some of the most EXCLUSIVE villas & apartment rentals on the Amalfi Coast. Or if you are overwhelmed by the number of hotels on offer, with over 25 years experience in this area, AmandaTabberer’s booking service is the answer! Whether it is a small intimate apartment, a lush spacious villa, or a simple sea-side hotel for a short stay - Amanda can find you the best accommodation for your Italian holiday on the Amalfi Coast. Just email her your needs and she will help you decide on the best solution for a wonderful holiday. Along with her rich knowledge of where to go and what to see, this is your best ticket to the Amalfi Coast!


Whether planning that special get away holiday in Italy or just wanting a good armchair travel book to devour coupled with Amanda’s intimate love story and the best photography ever taken of this magnificent region, My Amalfi Coast is YOUR best guide to everything in this region. Don't miss her biographical first chapter which depicts colourfully why Amanda has the experience and expertise to guide you down this magical coastline. And for warm inspirational recipes from 5 star chefs to home cooks of this area don't miss Amanda’s Amalfi Coast Recipes full of hints, tips & mouth watering recipes; this delicious collection will capture your imagination!

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    The more I learn about our foods and there healing properties, the more I  become aware of so many things we are doing in the kitchen since a lifetime that perhaps with a tiny tweak we could turn our dishesRead more...The post MAKE YOUR ITALIAN CUCINA HEALTHIER! appeared first on Amanda Tabberer. […]
    Amanda Tabberer
  • Don’t forget this “Hotspot”……. Bella Napoli! August 21, 2014
    This is truly one of the richest cities in Italy and only an hour from the magnificent Amalfi Coast. Yes Napoli is certainly a city like Rome ” See Rome and Die” is an expression that actually does not exist……whatRead more...The post Don’t forget this “Hotspot”……. Bella Napoli! appeared first on Amanda Tabberer. […]
    Amanda Tabberer
  • The best side trip ever! July 22, 2014
    One of the best side trips while visiting the Amalfi Coast has to be the island of Capri. Although it is NOT official apart of the Amalfi Coast, it is so close and so pretty….it might as well be!  ButRead more...The post The best side trip ever! appeared first on Amanda Tabberer. […]
    Amanda Tabberer
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