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Amanda’s website will give you some of the best Positano Villa rentals available. But book early, at least 9 – 12 months prior to arrival. This will give you a greater amount of available properties to choose from. If you are not looking for a private villa, Amanda can supply you with numerous alternatives of private Positano accommodations, everything from luxury or cosy Apartments with breathtaking views of the Amalfi Coast or an easy and simple Guest House to a five-star Hotel and plenty of other hotel levels in-between.

Positano is by far the most popular of the 13 villages that make up the 40 km stretch called the Amalfi Coast, sometimes romantically referred to as the Amalfi Drive. This stretch of coastline is renowned for its winding narrow road that weaves around the coastline hugging the mountain range to one side and spilling onto the dramatic Mediterranean Sea to the other side.

Positano holiday rentals have always been numerous with a huge variety due to the town’s sensational and dramatic geography. A mountainside of gelato-coloured houses cascading down into the azure Mediterranean. The abundance of retail shops, mouth-watering eateries and sensation accommodation are what make Positano the winning village on the Amalfi Coast.



This is a common and confusing question. Positano is but ONE of the 13 villages on the Amalfi Coast.  Another is the village of Amalfi…….all belong ON the Amalfi Coast. This magnificent coastline took the name Amalfi Coast due to the historical Importance Amalfi held back in the 9th century. The town of Amalfi was one of the greatest Maritime naval bases for many centuries. It naturally has a true port which Positano does not possess. Otherwise, it may have been called the Positano Coast!

How do I get to Positano on the Amalfi Coast?

You can fly to Rome or Naples. Rome is approx. 3-4 hrs drive from Positano. Naples is only a 1 & 1/2 hrs drive away. Amanda can send a car to collect you from either Rome or Naples and drive you directly to your booked private Positano accommodation. OR if you arrive by train at any of the surrounding train stations she can also send a local taxi to collect you.

If your travel budget is tight, it might be the local milk-run train from Naples Stazione Centrale, the main train station in the heart of Naples to Sorrento. This little mighty train is called the CIRCUMVESUVIANA and takes approx. 1 hr. Then you can get the SITA bus from the Sorrento train to the Amalfi Coast. Positano is the first stop on the Amalfi Coast, so let the driver know that is where you need to get off. The trip is approx. 30-40 mins.

You can also arrive on the quay of the main beach of Positano. Either by private yacht or a public hydrofoil from the island of Capri or Amalfi.


The good thing is that Positano is only 5 km around… as long as a morning jog if you like a few hills. If you are young and single the best place by far is down in the beach area where you will enjoy the hub and buzz of this fantastic village. It has a robust nightlife in summer with the well-known nightclub Music on the Rocks is open till the wee hours and is right on the beach. There are numerous bars, and plenty of shops open till late into the evening for a bit of post-dinner shopping and a massive choice of excellent eateries.

Which area of Positano is the one for me to stay in?

Although Positano is only 5 km around. There are many varied areas to find your best pick of Positano holiday rentals.

If you are a family, an apt or quieter little hotel further up in the village is probably more appropriate. The little local bus that zooms around this windy 5 km village is your best choice of transport to get you around town to your chosen restaurants or down to the beach area for boating or swimming.

If you are a romantic couple a small establishment tucked away in one of the more suggestive corners of the village may be your preference.

If you have a complicated travel party – email Amanda and she will sort you out.

Amanda’s portfolio of Positano villa rentals is scattered through the town so let her know your budget and she will do her best to place in the perfect spot for you.

Which private Positano accommodation is best for me?
Hotel? Guest House? Villa or Apartment?

Make sure you give Amanda your most detailed travel requirements:

  • How many are in your travel party
  • Ages
  • Budget
  • Length of stay
  • Time of year
  • Facilities required while in Positano. e.g. a stovetop for small babies – fewer stairs possible – swimming pool etc.

Amanda will compile your profile and find you the best options. But PLEASE give her plenty of time to do this. Last-minute requests are often harder to fulfil.

Which is the best priced Villa or Hotel for private Positano accommodation?

This is all very budget-dependent. Prices today all over the Amalfi Coast in most hotel & guest house categories are considered “Dynamic Prices” – meaning the establishment has varying prices according to how many guests are booked in for that period and their length of stay. After you have had a look at the Positano holiday rentals on the My Amalfi Coast website and chosen some of your favourite properties Amanda will give you more precise quotes for the time of year you are looking at travelling. You will also see approximate prices for each property on their description pages under RATES. For your Positano holiday rental in the High Season, you can pay anything from 200 euro a night to 2000 euro a night.

What is the best time of year to visit Positano?

Again everyone’s taste is different. If you love the heat or are young and looking for fun then go in July or August. If you love swimming in the warm Mediterranean Sea, anytime from the end of June to the end of October will not disappoint you. If you don’t love the heat but love the colour of Spring flowers, then May is your best month. If you prefer a slightly quieter period but not too cool, then the end of September or the beginning of October is generally the quietest warmer months.

What can I eat in Positano?

Classically most of the 13 towns that dot the Amalfi Coast, including Positano were originally fishing villages 70 odd years ago, some like Cetara are still practising commercial fishing. Fish and seafood are a staple in this region with thousands of delicious family recipes to entice travellers to this area.

But today the richness of this seafood-loving area has hugely expanded. With the famous Neapolitan pizza born but a few km from the Amalfi Coast in the heart of Naples, the pizza is a favourite choice amongst tourists and locals. The pizza makers in this area are excellent. Don’t forget to savour the sensational fruits & vegetables in this part of Italy. My favourite is peaches, watermelon, tomatoes and artichokes. But fish and all seafood are definitely at the top of my menu. Then you have specialties like mozzarella cheese grilled on a large lemon leaf that will leave most visitors gob-smacked! Not to mention the numerous pasta available in this rich pantry called the Amalfi Coast.

The choices are endless.

Views on the Amalfi Coast

The best thing about Amalfi Coast accommodations is whether you are staying in a 5-star luxury hotel or a tiny simple guest house you will most likely share the same view. Every street corner, roadside wall, beachfront or hilltop shares the same breathtaking views. You can’t go wrong.

From Positano, the classic view is the Galli Islands directly in front of the main beach of Positano. These islands are also known as the Sirenuse Islands and are renowned for Homer’s famous myth and Ulysses who resisted the songs of those naughty sirens.

Gazing out to sea, to the left you will see your splendid sunrise over the neighbouring town of Praiano and to your right a romantic jaw-dropping sunset over the splendid island of Capri.

For spectacular views, you cannot go past the Amalfi Coast… matter if you are walking down a narrow road or enjoying an aperitif on your rental balcony.