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Please note that all prices on our website are approximate  & are considered “dynamic’ prices today, meaning your quoted price at the time of booking may differ from the ones you see here according to the number of requests being made around the time of your booking.

Why choose a Positano Hotel for your accommodation when travelling to the Amalfi Coast?
Possibly you’d rather have an expert barman mix your long-awaited Negroni. Maybe you would like to have some luxury room service. Maybe detailed instructions on how to get from A to B up & down the Amalfi Coast. Perhaps you need someone to handle all your restaurant, events and boat bookings. Or maybe you’d like a wonderful Positano in-house dining experience without going outside your hotel. These are just some of the benefits of staying in a charming, quaint or five-star hotel in Positano.

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There are many varying levels of hotels in Positano, the choice is vast. Here on Amanda’s website, we have attempted to give you a healthy and ample selection of Positano hotels to suit all budgets. Naturally, there are additional options to consider when booking. Amanda can assist you with these needs. Perhaps you’d like a pool? Or a well-equipped gym? Or a good selection of Day Spa treatments? All of these are frequently available inside the Positano hotels.

Please drop Amanda a line with your details outlining your needs and desires for your Hotel accommodation and she will get to work researching your best options according to your requirements and budget. All Positano hotels and guest houses on the Amalfi Coast require a credit card to hold and confirm a booking. Amanda will always get you the best possible price for all hotels on her website.