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OK so you may have missed out this time, but here are some tips to make sure you don’t miss out in 2020.

Booking  your holiday on the Amalfi Coast is as simple as choosing a sexy partner on line!

This talented and gorgeous photographer Carla Coulson, is responsible for  all the magical imagery in MY AMALFI COAST……and 90% of  the shots in this blog. Any foody/chefy shots  in this blog are by Simon Griffiths who is responsible for all the delicious  photography in AMALFI COAST RECIPES.  

1) if you are handling your booking on line, it’s like a first date ! Go to my website; My Amalfi Coast and check out all the properties under accommodation, whether they be hotels, guest houses, apartments or villas and select your favourites. On each page you will find all property features, photos, and even the tariffs are published… you can see how much this engagement is going to cost you

NB. The earlier you book the prettier and more seductive partner you will find! Hotels & Guest Houses will only accept bookings from October the year before you are wanting to travel. Whereas villas and apartments generally accept bookings anytime.

2) once you have chosen your favourite partner, just email me at; [email protected] to check availability for the dates that suit you. At this stage there may be a few love letters that will transpire between us. Be sure to give me as many details as possible so I can help you decide if the partner you have chosen is right for you.

3) info I need; how many in the party – any children? (some properties do not accept children under a certain age)– special position in the town – how many bedrooms – sleeping layout, how many doubles, how many singles – budget?

4) once we have decided on a partner I will need a 50% bank transfer deposit into my Italian bank account to lock in your booking. …….let’s say it’s a down payment on the ring! This is to ensure that you will not bolt at the altar! I will send you my Italian bank details for this simple SWIFT transaction via email. Once funds have arrived I will let you know.

5) then there will be a loooooong silence between us for many months, so you can enjoy your Bucks party or Hens night! You can make lists of all things you like to do while on The Amalfi Coast.

6) Two months before departure our love letters will recommence. You will need to pay your 50% balance for your property OR if you need to back out now is the time to do it, having said that, each property has slightly different cancellation conditions, so please look at these carefully when selecting your property at the beginning and before you pay your initial 50% deposit.

7) At this time I will require your flight arrival details to send you some transfer options to get you into Positano and your property. This is also a good time to get that list from you of all the great things you’d like to do while on the Amalfi Coast, I am happy to help you book these. Here is a link to My Services. I will also send you a hot tips list of my favourite restaurants and eateries on The Amalfi Coast with their contact details so you can start booking! again, just email me if you need more information about these eateries to help you choose.

8) One week before departure we will say our goodbyes with a hug and happy travels. Any last-minute doubts you have about this marriage should now be expressed, but unfortunately and financially it will be too late to bolt!

9) I will not be joining you for this wonderful marriage, but have been there many times before and can guarantee you a wonderful time. However one of my trusted colleagues will be on the ground to assist you with anything you may need…….Except divorce!……even this can be arranged if cause is found viable – e.g. Collapsed villa ceilings/ leaking swimming pools/broken loos etc…….

10) The Honeymoon Period: if you do not yet possess my books, My Amalfi Coast and Amalfi Coast Recipes I suggest you purchase them before you leave. My Amalfi Coast will assist you on your trip by helping you decide what to do and where to go……it is also eye candy like your partner! and Amalfi Coast Recipes will be your go to dose of nostalgia when you drag out the pots and pans on your return home  and when you may  start having Amalfi Coast withdrawals.

Addio my ‘Amalfi Coast lovers’ and hope to hear from you soon. Don’t forget: end Sept 2019 for all Guest House and Hotel requests is but 3 months away…..and for all Villa and Apartment  requests for 2020  – contact me NOW!

[email protected].