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There is very little sleepiness about Positano during the summer months  these days. I think that ended many decades ago!

“Una notte in bianco” or an all-nighter is celebrated just  6 kms down the coast for one night a year in Praiano. Positano on the other hand has at least a few who celebrate an all-nighter ……..every night!

Whether it’s locals who have discovered foreign love or foreigners who have fallen in love with this town…….OR a local! ( which was my fate), there is always a good reason to celebrate in Positano.

Firstly just explore. Walk around the village, up and down the hundreds of tiny stone staircases that lead up, down & across and into magical villa gardens or simply offer a spectacular view. This is the best way to understand this breathtaking town. You will meet heaps of locals on these back stairways and can admire their handsome calf muscles. Watch the way the climb those stairs……”concia concia”….. meaning slowly slowly in Neapolitan. For this reason they are rarely breathless like visitors often are. They wait for any reason to stop climbing… a friend or answering their cell. The grocery shopping is placed at their feet, hands on hips like Roman vases and heads tossed back laughing or leaning into a secretive whisper with a friend. This is the formula for back staircase walking…..and surviving! `

Secondly hit the shops! Boys? go for a beer or a coffee in the local bar unless you love shopping with the girls. Most don’t.  Positano is worthy of at least a full day’s shopping or the equivalent of that during your stay, Shoes, linen, ceramics and bric-a-brac are my favourite purchases in store.  Then there are the colourful and intriguing street stalls  & their gentle owners in the alley way  on your way down to the beach who sell great costume jewellery from all over the world. 

A seaside lunch is the go on your first day in town. My second book Amalfi Coast Recipes is full of the best seaside eateries in Positano.  Here you can study all the other options for delicious wine and food to sample during your stay and start making reservations. But I do recommend before you arrive in town, make sure you come armed with at least 1/2 your bookings in hand, especially if travelling in high season ( May – end Sept). Most restaurants & eateries have an online method to book or a phone number or an email address for your requests. This will save disappointment at missing out!

Other handy pre-bookings to make before you arrive are:

Your day on a boat! one of the best excursions to do in Positano is rent a boat, small or large to explore the coastline and get you to a sensational seaside dining table close or far from Positano. OR if you suffer sea sickness or weather doesn’t permit, a wonderful wine tasting experience in the mountains with my fabulous Sommelier. He can organise a delicious day with some of the Amalfi Coast favourite flavours in wine and food to tempt your palette.   Or if you are the sporty type a mountain hike on the Path of the Gods or many other less well know options are available for the day. My guide will pick you up and take you and friends on this wonderful 4 or 6 or 8 hr tour of the magnificent Lattari Mountains that surround the Amalfi Coast depositing you in a quaint hillside eatery for good local wine and food at lunchtime……  or if you prefer he will organise a country picnic overlooking the MEDITERRANEAN SEA from the top of the mountain range.

if you have a week or so to spend in this area, these excursions should be at the top of your hit list. I assist all my accommodation clients with these bookings, and there is no charge,

All lovely images in this BLOG and in my book, MY AMALFI COAST were captured by  CARLA COULSON

I don’t know who took this photo of me & Carla during the shoot for my first book,  My Amalfi Coast   ……but she gave up her precious camera to some non suspicious local ! we look very pleased with ourselves! most because the camera came back unscathed! 


Buon Viaggio