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It used to be the sleepy little sister village of Positano a decade ago. But today it stands proudly within it’s own rights…..lively, buzzy with some delightful attractions, great restaurants, fun sunset bars and like most ancient towns in Italy…….a couple of very decent piazzas & churches to visit.  Not to mention its pride and joy of the Amalfi Coast cuisine and art. However, there is still enough tranquility to really ‘calmarsi’ (chill out!) in this delightful jewel of a village.  The fact that it has always been a village of expert fishermen has given it a big responsibility towards excellent fish and seafood. Every restaurant, eatery, bar and household  has THE recipe……and none of them are wrong! 


Below the majestic S. Gennaro dome of Praiano with it’s dramatic views overlooking Positano. And the local bar del Sole, local meeting point, bus stop, good coffee, pastries, pizza slices or a nip of Grappa……….everything you need to start your Italian day. 

This town also boasts some  of the Amalfi Coast’s splendid artists like our talented sculptor & painter Paolo Sandulli……..who for years has  occupied the ancient  Saracen tower of Praiano: Torre a Mare.( Tower by the Sea), this is his studio and also his retail outlet… you can see him at work!  Any local will point you in the right direction. His cheeky rotund & robust women are ofter depicted playing tennis  in tiny weeny dresses or swimming in the nude. He also presents a beautiful series of sea-creatures and underwater life. Paolo is the darling of the Amalfi Coast Art World.

Below is Paolo with his sea sponge haired female busts and a close up of one of his darlings. You will see these wonderful humorous sculptures dotting gardens, villas and restaurants all over the coast.

If you are renting a magnificent villa like FERIDA (definitely one of the best luxury villa rentals on the Amalfi Coast) you will want some supplies to let you really enjoy this magnificent spot…….this sensational villa also boasts numerous amazing sea side eateries at the foot of the villa on the beach of La Praia. But make time to stay home occasionally to savour this magnificent space! 

Here below Villa Ferida’s splendid terrace at sunset overlooking the Med.  The very best Villa holidays Amalfi Coast & holiday apartments Amalfi Coast !

But here is the best deli in town. Tutto per Tutti ( translated it means Everything for Everyone or Something for Everyone)! It offers all the deli goods you may need PLUS more. From their creative cellar imbedded in the bowels of this store, is has a wonderful selection of interesting local and further afield wines. Upstairs are all the local cheeses & salamis & breads  you could possibly sample while on the coast: plus mineral water and loo paper! WHO COULD WANT MORE! .

Below is the entrance of one of the best delis on the Amalfi Coast! Tutto per Tutti. 

If a hotel is more your speed then one of my favourites is right in the heart of Praiano who also offer a  fabulous dinning area with breathtaking views. They also have an equally beautiful pool area which looks over the entire coastline…. this family run & owned little treasure is  surrounded with local inviting bars and other sensational eateries to offer you even more variety.

Below is  one of my favourite chill out hotels. friendly ,cosy, relaxing with amazing views……it is undoubtedly  one of the great spots to be in High Summer on the coast. 


And this below is one of the iconic and beautiful faces of Praiano……..Pasquale Scala, world renowned guitar and mandolin maker.

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