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Amanda’s detailed knowledge of Positano and its surrounding area which she lived & loved for almost 20 years, plus her knowledge of every nook and cranny, will give you the best chance of getting your IDEAL Amalfi Coast accommodation & a sensational holiday.  

Amanda has close to 2 decades of experience living & working on this magical coastline.  With her passionate knowledge of the region, check out her 1 st book My Amalfi Coast.  Amanda can assist you in finding the best Amalfi Coast private rental to suit your needs. It could be a luxury hotel, a quaint guest house, a panoramic apartment or a spacious villa…… either way all properties have that spectacular Mediterranean view.

If you have any special requirements for your accommodation on the Amalfi Coast, Amanda can help you. If you give her a detailed description of your ideal Amalfi Coast villa she will research the best spot for you and your friends and family. Just give her a list of your requirements, and she will go to work. But please don’t expect miracles at the last minute. Early bookings and well-organised vacations are always the ones that will offer more attractive options. This beautiful destination is best to book at least 9 months in advance, especially as the world is on the move again!

To avoid disappointment, book Amalfi Coast accommodation as early as possible. This will give you a wider choice of properties to choose from. Once your Amalfi Coast private rental is booked with a deposit or credit card, Amanda will send you a list of wonderful things to see and do on the coastline. For many of them, she can assist you to pre-book before you even arrive. And as a bonus, she will send all her accommodation clients, a special list of the BEST eateries and restaurants on the magnificent Amalfi Coast. With 13 Villages to visit and 40 km of blissful views from Positano to Cetara, this is your ideal holiday destination.  

Arriving on the Amalfi Coast

To get to the Amalfi Coast you will fly into either Naples or Rome airports or train stations. Once there, there are two excellent ways to access the Amalfi Coast. One is by road with your driver who is local & very familiar with the roads and all the various Amalfi Coast private villas and accommodations. Approx. one to one and half hours by car, traffic permitting.  You will never get lost with one of these treasured limo drivers from Positano. They will be your driver, your information centre and your adviser. Please don’t hesitate to ask your driver for any information re; the town, its surrounding area, excursions or just general information. They have all the answers!

If on the other hand, you are on a tight budget there is a small local train out of Naples that heads to Sorrento called the Circumvesuviana, this will take approx. 1 hour.  You can then take a local SITA bus from the Sorrento train station to the Amalfi Coast…… or grab a cab, but check the transfer price with the driver before taking off. 

The second way to arrive on the Amalfi Coast is by sea. A private yacht, the local hydrofoil or ferry boat, all boats pull up at the same jetty. If you are staying at the top of any of the coastal villages, then roadside arrivals are best. On the other hand, a seaside entry is ideal if you are staying down by the beach.

Where to stay on the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is made up of 13 villages, Amanda discusses each and everyone in her book MY AMALFI COAST. Some of these villages are great for a day visit, some are good for an overnight stay and others are so attractive and magnetic that she has assisted some clients to return for a three-month stay!

Amanda landed in Positano for a month-long holiday in her mid 20’s and ended up staying for almost 20 years! But everyone’s needs, likes and dislikes are different. So just email her your requirement and she will give you her fullest attention and recommendations.

This website, My Amalfi Coast, is full of sensational private rentals on the Amalfi Coast. Each villa, guest house, apartment or hotel offers different facilities and has a different appeal. So check out the properties, and have a look at the information pages and photo galleries of the properties that appeal to you. Some accept pets, kids, and friends. Others may accept only the guests who are staying at the villa. Drop Amanda a line and she will let you know. She may also have alternative suggestions if you give her an idea of what you are looking for.

Special Needs during your trip to The Amalfi Coast

Amanda can assist you with your best solution for the ideal Villa on the Amalfi Coast. She can help with anything from children who don’t like climbing stairs, to elderly family or friends who can’t climb stairs – travellers who require quiet – disabled tourists who need special access or attention. Please email Amanda and let her know in advance, so she can source the ideal venue for your perfect Amalfi Coast Accommodation.

Moving around The Amalfi Coast

The windy Amalfi Coast road is very narrow and the summer traffic can ruin your holiday if you are driving a car, parking is also at a minimum in every one of the 13 villages that make up the coast.

The best way to get around the Amalfi Coast is by boat, ferry, dingy, surf ski, or generally, anything that floats. A motorbike, Vespa or moped is another good option. OR if a private driver with an air-conditioned limo! Any form of transport that will blow wind through your hair and cool you down.

The public ferry is a great way to visit the Amalfi Coast with main stops in Positano at one end, Amalfi in the middle and Salerno at the other end. For a few euros, you can get to any of these destinations. This is a great option to avoid the crowded clogged roads during the high summer months from June to September when traffic is at its peak.

What to do and see on the Amalfi Coast

Amanda has had almost two decades of experience discovering the delights of this 40 km coastline. She can advise you on wonderful excursions like a famous Unesco Lemon lunch in a lemon grove near Amalfi, a day fishing trip where you get to eat your catch, a balmy evening classical concert in the cultural heart of the coast in Ravello, a private cooking class with matching wines in a local house or a day trip to the fabulous Paestum ruins near Salerno and a visit to a nearby organic buffalo farm who produce some of the most prestigious buffalo milk produces in Italy. The choice of things to do is infinite. Or you can just lie on your beach bed under an umbrella and eat pasta with clams and a glass of white wine for lunch.

The best month to visit the Amalfi Coast

My favourite time of year is the month of May, it is the last month of Spring. All of the beautiful & famous fauna and flowers like the bougainvillea are in full bloom, the temperature is not yet stifling but the sea is bloody chilly! It has been blanketed for over 7 months with tepid winter sun and has not yet had time to warm up. But being the good Aussie girl, I LOVE a chilly dive into the sea at any time.

If on the other hand, you love to swim in warm water, then October on the Amalfi Coast is your month! The Mediterranean Sea has been soaked in the magnificent European sun for 5 summer months and is as warm as a heated pool.

All the in-between months are wild, full of excited BYTs (beautiful young things) and the atmosphere is just pumping up and down the coast! Amalfi Coast beaches, restaurants and boats are heaving with energised vacation junkies, doing their best to outdo each other at having a sensational time! And they do! So May to October is your best window.

Reading material on the Amalfi Coast

For an appetiser, check out Amanda’s first book My Amalfi Coast which will entice you with all the wonderful places you can visit along this breathtaking coastline. And if you are super foody, Amanda’s second book Amalfi Coast Recipes is a must if you’d like to start experimenting with all the amazing dishes you will eat on your travels up and down this delicious coastline. Sadly this book is no longer in publication, but many copies are floating around specialty shops – second-hand book stores are a great place to start! See my Instagram page for upcoming recipes. And don’t forget she has a few teaser recipes in her first book My Amalfi Coast.



Photos by Carla Coulson