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If you have your ticket booked for Italy and are heading to the Amalfi Coast this European summer here are a few tips that I could possibly help you with before you leave. Whether its your first or tenth visit I think these tips could apply to all lovers of this sensational coastline.

Ahhh...that breathtaking coastline!

Ahhh……that sensational coastline! 

  1. – The first thing to sort out is your accommodation! This is paramount as hotel and properties fill up fast  all over Italy during these warmer month – May – October. Whether you are wanting an elegant hotel, a cosy apartment or a breathtaking sea side villa…the earlier you book the more choices you will have and avoid disappointment. I understand this is not always possible but please try and get in early. The Amalfi Coast today is an international playground and the WORLD is drawn to this region of Italy….and for good reason! So hop in as early as possible before all the good properties are snapped up!
  2. CANCELLATION conditions are important so get all the details from your villa, apt or hotel. These will give you some leeway when booking knowing you can always cancel your booking before a certain date and not be penalised with cancellation fees, e.g. September/October 2016  is a great time to book your stay for European summer 2017 …SO START THINKING 2017 HOLIDAY ON THE AMALFI COAST NOW! …. I can start taking bookings from today, so jump in!
The sensation terrace of Casa Mediterraneo

The romantic & panoramic terrace of Villa Mediterraneo 

Evening pool side at Villa Dicondra

Villa Dicondra shines between her pool and the Mediterranean Sea 

Terrace top panoramas from Mulini Penthouse

Penthouse Mulini embraces the town of Positano 

The next important thing is to book your arrival. Do you want to get your breath in Rome for a few days before heading south?  shopping, eating and exploring this sensation city. ‘Airport to bed’ is a great way to get over a long haul flight. I have several fabulous and central apts/rooms to rent in Rome to ease you into your Amalfi Coast stay, just let me know.  OR perhaps you are keen to arrive on the Amalfi Coast so a limo pick up at the Rome airport is an easy thing for me to organise for you. You will be driven to your hotel or property within 4 hrs from Rome airport. An excellent restaurant or eatery booking for your first night is also a great idea so you just don’t have to think. I can do this for you, just let me know and you’ll be waking up surrounded by the deep blue Mediterranean Sea!.

The stylish Rome Apt 3

An Al Fresco corner of Rome Apt 1

A quiet corner in bustling Rome…as  a great price! 

The heart of Rome…at an affordable price.

The eternal paradise of lunch at Da Adolfo! And remember…if you dont book….you dont eat!

 Prebook as much as possible before leaving home! A few good bookings never hurt to have in place before you arrive on the Amalfi Coast -it will give you more time to enjoy the coast and less time wasted asking around for bookings. You also minimise your risk of disappointment with unavailability. I have many favourite spots from both my books to recommend and am happy to make these bookings or offer details to my clients. All these tour, restaurant or boat reservations, treks or road trips can all be cancelled or changed once you arrive on The Amalfi Coast, so there is no harm in booking.  Here are just a few great things I can book for you:


An easy boat day on the Tyrrhenian Sea swimming in the many grottos, sipping chilled Prosecco while your captain slowly drives you up the coast to a special eatery for lunch.

A trip up into the wonderful Latteri mountains enveloping the Amalfi Coast to one of the award winning wineries with an English speaking, experience & local Sommelier who will guide you through the flavours of this coast followed by a mouth watering meal to accompany these special wines.

Contact me for all Wine Tour information and bookings! 

The Walk of the Gods has to be one of the most breath taking walks in Italy. My local English speaking guide can show you a section of the magnificent pathway in a morning, take your iPhone or camera – you wont believe the views ! All this naturally can be followed by an easy lunch at a simple hillside eatery which I can book in advance.

Organise a good departure. This means not only your transfer driver but also if your flight or train will allow you time enough to visit the magnificent ruins of Pompeii or Herculaneum featured here below…. on the way back to Naples or Rome to continue your journey. This will add apx 2 hours to your return trip.

There many other things to do on the Amalfi Coast so just let me know the sort of things you love and I will send you my best suggestions.

See you on the pages of the Amalfi Coast…….if not, I’ll see you there!

Buon viaggio e buona vacanza!