When booking your stay on the Amalfi Coast with us, think about all the things you’d love to do. If you love ancient architecture, drifting on the Mediterranean with a cold beer or glass of chilled wine, walking across clear crisp mountains with magnificent views or simply sitting down in a simple rustic seaside eatery for a magnificent meal then just let me know and I will point you in the right direction. Here below are a few things I can pre-book before you leave home and once your accommodation has been confirmed. If you already have sorted your accommodation or stay with a friend, let me know if any of these things may interest you and I will be happy to assist you.

* There is no fee for this service for clients who have booked their accommodation with us, all booking can be altered or cancelled once you are on the Amalfi Coast. A handful of tours have non-refundable deposits and naturally I will let  you know what they are at the time of booking. To avoid disappointment I think it’s always best to have some bookings in place before arrival, especially in high summer.

If you have booked accommodation on your own, but would still like to use our services; transfers, restaurants, tours, boats, excursions etc, there is a small non refundable fee to pay. This naturally will be scaled according to how many bookings you require. 

Your Arrival:

I just wanted to remind you to send through your arrival details so I can send you
some transfer options to get you into Positano on your date of arrival. Let me know how many are in your travel party and if you are travelling together ( or separately) and I will send through some options.

Fun stuff to pre-book.

If you are staying in a hotel, please disregard the first offer. Just let me know if you would like to do any of the following and I will organise it!

1) Would you like some shopping done for your villa or apartment prior to your arrival? Breakfast things and snacks? Fresh bread and fruit, coffee, tea, milk, cereal, crackers, cheese, mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, wines, water, nibbles, nuts, prosciutto etc……all this can be organised prior to your arrival so one less thing to do when you get there. Your concierge will give you the shopping dockets on arrival and you can pay her in cash. A few properties charge a fee for this service of apx 25 euro, but many do not charge for this service.

2) Would you like me to book a restaurant for your first night so you don’t have to think about your first meal in town? Just let me know what sort of eating experience you would like and I will book you one of my favourites! I have many… up market and a little fancy? or down to earth and very local trattoria? Middle of the road and in the hub of things? quiets or romantic? Also if you’d like a booking in place for your last farewell evening meal, just let me know and I will suggest a few very special spots.

3) Would you like a boat booking to spend a day on the Mediterranean swimming, snorkling and sipping Prosecco? Plus a fabulous seaside eatery outside of Positano in Nerano or Recommone both apx 1 hr boat ride up the coast towards Capri OR perhaps an 12 century tower on the water up the other end of the coast past Amalfi
OR a quiet tucked away foody experience in the tiny white washed village of
Atrani? Just let me know your preference and I will organise it. I can book your boat and the best restaurant of your choice.

4) Do you want to do the famous Walk of the Gods with a local guide who possesses great knowledge of the mountainous regions enveloping the Amalfi Coast and it’s incredible panorama. A keen photographers delight! My guide can offer a simple mountain trek up on the mountain ridge then looks over the entire coastline. It could be apx 3 – 4 hrs with an easy fun lunch at the end in a simple hilltop trattoria with exceptional views of the coastline…….or if you are a serious hiker,
even longer? higher? you may need a little extra puff. My local guide has a wealth of knowledge of this area. This is a peaceful and extraordinary day out away from the summer crowds.

5) Let me know if you’d like to visit Pompeii or Erolano (Herculaneum) on the way into or leaving Positano and I can organise my drivers to stop over. They charge between 40 – 50 euro an hour for this stop over (usually you can visit Pompeii in 2 hrs), they will look after your luggage and the car while you visit. However to maximise your visit, I heavily suggest a local English speaking guide ( apx 110 euro for 2 hrs) to show you the ruins.

6) Would you like to visit Vietri sul Mare right up the other end of the Amalfi coast where they make and ship the BEST and most stylish ceramics for your kitchen or garden? It is apx 1 hr by car (one of my drivers will take you to the best factories) and then perhaps one of the most delightful fish restaurants on the coast in the tiny fishing villages of Cetara or Atrani for a mouth water meal on the way home?

7) Visit the wonderful organic Buffalo Farm near the magnificent ruins of Peastum! apx 2 hrs drive from Positano. You can see how this wonderful mozzarella product is made, visit the buffalo in all their glory being showered and massaged and purchase their fabulous products ranging from yogurts, butter, mozzarella & gelato. If you have time, you can also visit the breathtaking ruins of Peastum, the best preserved Greek temples outside of Athens! and its fascinating small museum just opposite.

8) If you are a great wine lover (or not), this is for you. I have an excellent local English speaking Sommelier who will guide you through some of the mouth watering local vineyards along the coast. Award winning wines and simple local drops which are delicious. You will visit their vineyards and cellars, plus experience some lovely wine tasting with a simple snack or a scrumptious full meal!

Let me know if you’d like to do any or ALL of the above and I will organise it!
Naturally I will get back to you with apx costs for any excursions.
Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!


There are a multitude of wonderful venues; from coastal beaches or panoramic terraces to seaside romance or mountain top eateries. After 20 years living and loving this coastline I feel confident that I can find the idea venue for your celebration of a life time, whether it be a special birthday or a once in a life time ceremony.

Your celebration may be an elegant candle lit dinner by the sea in a fine dining restaurant OR a relaxed boat ride with lots of Prosecco and swims along the way to a wonderful seaside eatery for a long lunch. I can help with both, suggestions AND bookings.

Your wedding could be an official ceremony in a tiny chapel or a simple symbolic one on a panoramic terrace overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. I work with one of Italy’s best wedding planners, and for the price of one, we can assist you in creating your dream ceremony. Whether you are or just 10 people, we will show you the many options available on this magnificent coastline.

Contact me if you would like us to plan your special event on the Amalfi Coast. [email protected]