Book a Special Event

With more than 20 years experience on the Amalfi Coast I can help you organise your unique stay on this wonderful coastline. Whether planning a special birthday, a family get together, a romantic holiday, or a fairytale wedding, I know the best nooks and crannies on this magnificent coastline and can offer you a tailor made celebration or wedding.

There are a multitude of wonderful venues; from coastal beaches, panoramic terraces, seaside romance to mountain top eateries. After all those decades living and loving this coastline I feel confident that I can find the ideal venue for your celebration.

Your celebration may be an elegant candle lit dinner by the sea in a fine dining restaurant OR a relaxing boat ride sipping Prosecco and swimming along the way to a wonderful seaside eatery for a long lunch. I can help with either, and many more.  

Your wedding could be an official ceremony in a tiny chapel or a simple symbolic one on a panoramic terrace overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. I work with one of Italy’s finest wedding planners, who has strong family ties to Positano. With her nationwide experience as a Wedding Planner and my personal knowledge of the Amalfi Coast you will be offered an excellent experience in creating your dream ceremony. After my initial discussions with you, I’ll be passing you over to my recommended Wedding Planner. Whether you are  less than 10 persons or more than 50, we can offer you the many options available on this wonderful coastline.

As a boutique business we suggest tailored events and weddings to suit client’s special requirements and needs. Therefore fees for each individual occasion will vary and will be discussed with you at the time of your request. 

Contact me if you would like me to plan your special event on the Amalfi Coast. [email protected]