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Hi all Amalfi Coast lovers! I’d like to talk to you today about how to enjoy your stay on the Amalfi Coast once you have your accommodation all sorted. Naturally this is the first and most important thing to book!

The magical pyramid of Positano.

The magical pyramid of Positano.


Once you have booked your accommodation for your Amalfi Coast holiday,  website is an excellent starting point, I believe getting some good bookings in place before you leave home is a must!

If you booked your accommodation through  you will be sent a list of wonderful activities we are happy to book for you to make your holiday forever memorable. These activities will be booked and confirmed by us at no extra charge. They include day boat cruises, limo transfers to and from Naples or Rome, restaurants, seaside eateries, walking adventures, wine tasting, excursions to Pompeii or Herculaneum  & many more. Only a few of these activities will require a ‘non refundable’ deposits, and naturally I will let you know what they are at the time of booking. 


If on the other hand  you have booked your own accommodation, we are still happy to advise and book the best events and tours for your holiday, according to what attracts you and your passions by way of  a small ‘non refundable’ booking fee. This fee will be scaled according to how many bookings you require. You will have all bookings in place before arriving, no deposit (very occasionally a tiny venue will require a credit card as a  guarantee) and you will also have full information re: contacting your venue once there if you need to alter your booking or cancel. Plus you will have my valuable advise on what is the best choice for you!

With 20 years experience living & loving this breathtaking coastline, I do know a thing or two about the best things to do while visiting the Amalfi Coast. 

All activities I book for you will be accompanied by apx costs and quotes.

Here are a half dozen suggestions for clients staying on the Amalfi Coast for one week;

  1. A two hour stop over via Pompeii or Herculaneum with an  English Speaking tour guide on your way into town with one of my excellent drivers who will guard your car and luggage with his life!….while you stroll through the ruins. 


  1. 2) a simple and easy first night dinner reservation so you don’t have to think about shopping, where or what to eat. Just let me know your likes and dis-likes, an apx budget and I will do the rest.

    3) A fully equipped boat ride with a good local driver, snorkelling gear & chilled Prosecco!  – discover grottos to swim in, the Galli Islands, and a fabulous eatery I will book up the coast for a long lazy seaside lunch……then a gentle cruise back home while perhaps snoozing on the boat cushions under a shaded canopy! .



    4) a cooking class to take home some memorable dishes? I know some of the best in town! and most of the chef appear in my second book AMALFI COAST RECIPES. 


    5) If you are a walker & delight in those breath taking panoramas, then the Walk of the Gods is for you! I will book your passionate and incredibly well read guide to take you into the magnificent Latteri Mountains for this 3 – 4 hour walk finishing in a simple mountain side eatery for that well deserved glass of vino and bowl of pasta!

Amazing panoramas from the Path of the Gods walk.

Amazing panoramas from the Path of the Gods walk.


6) The best ‘apperativo’ terrace for a drink before a last night romantic dinner in one of the finer restaurants in town. A glass of excellent wine, delicious food and a tear drop to farewell this  remarkable coastline!

Hotel poseidon  positano 1779

a teary farewell dinner must be part of this wonderful journey

The best terrace in Positano for a good bye drink and a toast to the sunset!


 And if you need to squeeze 10 kilos of activities into your 2kilo bag and perhaps have more than a week, I have plenty of other suggestions! so ask away……

Fishes Dishes…..Piatti di Pesci! 

 ALICI – Fresh anchovies. My favourite, raw and marinated! One of the best spots in the world for this delicacy.

COZZE – Mussels. Pump and delicious. This is the place to eat them. With pasta or just stewed in a tomato base. 

PEZZOGNA –  Seabream …But tastes more like a Snapper. The most delicate and delicious white fish on the coast. 

BANDIERA –  Scabbard or Ribbon fish. Few bones and is easy on the palate. Kids ADORE this non-fishy fish!

VONGOLE – Clams. Who doesn’t love Pasta with Vongole? and they are very special in this area.

TONTANI – Flying Squid. No matter how it’s made, if it’s done right, you will be a fan for life! fried, grilled or stuffed!