Erica Berchtold – Hotel and events. August 2014 

My fascination with the Amalfi Coast began nearly 10 years ago when I raced out to buy Amanda’s (then) newly released book My Amalfi Coast after hearing her interviewed on radio about it.  On the back of that wonderful read and beautiful pictures, in the summer of 2009 I booked an apartment in Praiano for my then-new-boyfriend Julian and some friends through an online apartment booking site. We had a lovely time although didn’t spend enough time in the other area’s of the Amalfi Coast and I fear we mainly ventured into the “tourist traps” in Positano. The food was good but not great, and the day trips we did were ok but not amazing. I left there still fascinated but with a nagging in the back of my mind that said “you haven’t quite finished here yet”.

 Fast forward 5 years and Julian is now my husband and we had our first child Thomas in November 2014…..Before I had Tommy, I was desperate for a European summer holiday and despite Julian saying “but we’ve done Amalfi Coast, we should go somewhere else this time”, I knew I wanted to go back.

 Having purchased Amanda’s latest book Amalfi Coast Recipes, I saw in the back of that book Amanda had said “if you’re planning an Amalfi Coast visit, I can help you plan your holiday”. Despite me thinking “as if she will really have time to email me back”, I was surprised and delighted not only receive an email back, but for her to say she was only too happy to help!

 Not only did Amanda help us book our hotel accommodation (even sent us pictures of the rooms to help us make our decision!), she organised car transfers, day trips, restaurant bookings, boat hire, shipping recommendations…..whenever we went somewhere they said “oh, you’re one of Amanda’s friends” and we were looked after like we were VIPs!

 There was not one single thing that she recommended that we regretted doing, and the restaurant recommendations in particular were awesome- from fine dining to cheap and cheerful pizza’s (and everything in between) we literally could not have had a better trip. Even my husband admitted that he agreed to go back there because he didn’t want to argue with his 6-month-pregnant wife, but it was THE best holiday he has ever had and he cannot believe how different it was from our last trip, and how amazing the entire week was.

 Amanda, I will always remember that holiday because it was such a special time in our lives (before we became parents) and because you just organised us such a superb week. I truly cannot thank you enough and I would tell anyone planning a visit to the Amalfi Coast “do not do it without talking to Amanda first”.

 My love for the Amalfi Coast is now entrenched and if it’s ok with you, please expect to hear from us again!

Bev & Gari Johnson – Hotel and events. May 2014 

After a long haul flight we arrived in Roma going through this small, in comparison to other major city airports, collecting our bags and then we see this sea of signs with name on them being held by men in suits then we see our name with this big gregarious Italian man Gaetano this is the beginning of a fantastic journey. The personality, enthusiasm 3.5 hours seemed to go so quick. — aw man the most beautiful sight as we see the Mediterranean for the first time majestic. As we walk down the cobble stone walkway we come to this oasis walking into the courtyard WOW we are speechless. Checking into the hotel we are upgraded to the Kings suite as we climb the stairs which is our first of many stairs to climb, we are greeted with this huge room balconies home for the next few weeks.

The next few weeks are filled with meeting the most amazing people, eating the most beautiful food, drinking fantastic wine and experiencing the way the locals live. We are showered with gifts from paintings of their restaurant , to home made cakes,lemocello, lemons from their homes.

The shop assistances, the fresh produce from the market I could go on. By fluke we met Fabio the taxi driver and he told us how he is best mate with your son. we had many rides with him and his family. Many visits to Ravello, Montepertuso, Naples, Pompeii, Amalfi, Sorrento. Many many restaurants.

Thank goodness for the hills of Positano to help keep the weight at bay. Many many beautiful memories hopefully we will be back next year.

We have travelled to many places in the world and always have had wonderful fun filled holidays but Positano is the best one we have experienced together.

Baci Baci Amanda – I understand how you fell in love with the oasis many years ago.

Hope to meet one day – grazie

Love from Bev & Gari xxxxx

Veronique Ramen – Villa rental and events = July 2014  

Hello Amanda,

Just a quick hello and thank you for organising such a delightful place for us to stay. It is what could possibly be heaven on Earth for me, the landscape, the view, the people and the sea. I feel quite comfortable here. We had a delightful dinner at Torre Normanna last night, they treated us like royalty. We ordered two dishes and somehow ended up with something like eight ahahah, so delicious and such nice people, they didn’t want to accept a tip because they said “ not because Amanda has sent you !!!” . Enjoying conversing in Italian and loving it as every discussion revolves around food !
Kind regards,
Véronique Ramén

Richardson – Villa rental and events. June/July 2014

I wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful time you organised for us in Positano. Everything from the Villa and the wonderful Marilu, the driving with Gennarro (who we also loved), and the many wonderful restaurants. It was perfect for all of us.

Thanks again – we will be back



Richardson MBBS FRACP
Director of Cabrini Academic Haematology & Oncology Service
Associate Professor of Medicine, Monash University

John Alexander – Gourmet Safaris and food! – Jan 2014 


I have been visiting the Amalfi Coast – one of the most magical places in the world – for almost 30 years and one of the greatest ironies is that it has taken not a local but  an Australian, Amanda, to open the door to so many wonderful secrets and discoveries…

John Alexander.



 Mathew Csidei – Food and Events. – Jan 2014  

“ I have always turned to Amanda for Restaurant tips and food recommendations along the coast. 15 years ago she arranged the most memorable wedding ever for a good friend and every summer since has managed to turn up another amazing restaurant”  –

Mathew Csidei

Sally Pitt – Apt San Sebastiano – October 2013. 

Dear Amanda

A quick note to say arrived and is divine!

Claudio our driver was so friendly and spoke so fondly of you.

The apt is perfect and we arrived in time for festival tonight.

Thank you once again for everything.

Kind regards


 Debbie Cook – Villa Bianca August 2013 

Hi Amanda

Just a final note to thank you for all your help in organising our holiday. We had such an amazing time and it was made so much better for all your suggestions and help.

I’m certain we helped the Positano economy as we all had to buy an extra suitcase to bring all our gorgeous purchases home.

Hope to meet you some day to thank you in person.

Kind regards


Eva Wen – South Africa -Sept 2013  BOOK!

Dear Amanda,

I love and adore Italy and when I saw your book in the bookstore last year, I knew I had to get it.  After reading your story with all your beautiful photos I said to myself that I had to visit the Amalfi.  Your book really inspired me to embark on this trip I have planned in a couple of week to the Amalfi!!

I love all the great tips and ideas of places to eat and to stay and what to do in all the towns.

I shall be visiting the Amalfi and staying in Positano from 11-17 September 2013 and will definitely be bringing your book along!

Will you perhaps be in Positano in September?  If so, it would be so wonderful to meet you in person.

I hope to hear from you.

With kind regards,


South Africa

Lee-arne Salmon – July 2013 Buca di Bacco Hotel. 

Hi Amanda,

Just a quick note to say thank you so much for your assistance and knowledge for our recent European Family Jaunt. The rooms that we had at the Buca di Bacco were fantastic and the service we received wherever we went was exceptional. It was great to have Gennero look after our transport as it meant that was one less thing to think about………… We did venture to Da Adolfo for lunch and we are still talking about the meal, so things are still fantastic there!

Thanks again and hopefully I’ll be calling on your advice and expertise again in the not too distant future!




Mary Burns – Hotel S.Caterina Amalfi & Palazzo Murat  Positano- May 2013 


Thanks for all your help for our trip, is there anywhere we can leave a good review? I know Jo will love it all when she arrives next week.

Also last time I was in positano I came across the lovely man near le serenuse selling bric-a-brac and antiques and loved his shop. So this time I wanted to show my husband, he loves him!!! Needless to say we need to squash a few more things into the luggage! He mentioned that u are a neighbour of his!!


Thanks again

Love Mary



Tim & Joanne Auld – Palazzo Murat –  May 2013


Bongiorno from Positano Amanda!

We are having an absolute ball and couldn’t have wanted to stay anywhere other than HPM!

You have done an amazing job selecting this hotel for us!

Weather has been great…not too hot but sun out. Big storm last night…but sun shining again this morning.

Have seen Amalfi, Ravello, hired a scooter around Capri, Sorrento and the mountains of Positano.

We have eaten at some incredible places.

Favourites for dinner have been….

Murat, , taverna del leone, Donna Rosa, carusos in sorrento, La sponda,

Favourite lunch spot is cafe bottega!

It’s been the trip of a lifetime and one we will never forget.

Off to Paris tomorrow. One more night of bliss in Positano.

Wanted to express our thanks for your help in making this a memorable trip for us.

Forever grateful.

Tim & Joanne Auld


 Martin & Brooke – Miramare Hotel Naples & Villa Rosa Positano – April 2013

Amanda I hope this message finds you well – we just touched down back in Australia before we take off again in the opposite direction for a couple of weeks. Just wanted to let you know Brooke and I had a fantastic time at your recommended  Hotel  in Napoli – we did quite a bit of the city but both agreed we need to go back and spend some more time exploring it a little deeper. I found driving around Napoli to be an experience in itself and should offer it as a entertainment side show!!! How I didnt dent the car or loose my side mirrors I will never know! The room, service and staff at our Hotel was just brilliant. We meet with Enzo and his wife and dogs and they were lovely. We did both Pompeii and Herculaneum and must recommend Herculaneum well in front of Pompeii. The drive to Positano was again a great deal of fun with Carabinieri stopping traffic for no apparent reason but looking good in their uniforms and soaking up the sun!! The room at our Positano hotel  was perfect as was the view. We went to Capri for a day, Amalfi, Minori, Revello – where the ceramics factory had a picture of you displayed prominently of their main display table, Praiano etc so had a great look around. The weather was perfect the entire time as were the staff at the villa and the car parking facility. Needless to say we really enjoyed our first experience of the Amalfi  Coast and will be returning. Thank you for your excellent advice and organisation.Martin & Brooke


Sam and Charlie Haynes – Villa Solare Positano & wedding Treville Positano  April 2013 

Hi Amanda,

Sam and I are now back in Sydney and I just wanted to write and say thank you organising our week in Positano and our spectacular wedding at that wonderful venue.  Everything ran like clockwork and the hotel was simply perfect – the location, the organisation and the staff were fantastic, while the food was truly amazing.  An occasion we will never forget.


Charlie & Sam



Simone Pucar (Withers) Apt Capitello Positano & wedding Treville  Positano October 2012.

Hi Amanda

I hope you are well, just a quick update to let you know that the wedding will be featured in the Vogue July edition available May 20 and I have attached a few pics if you needed this for your website.




The Walker family – Villa Delizia – March 2013

Dear Amanda,

Our time in Positano will never be forgotten, Matao and hIs mum were delightful and really did spoil us. The villa superb, the views extraordinary, the stairs memorable. Our cooking class with Rosaria was so much fun and we are continuing to use her techniques impressing our friends and bringing back fabulous memories. My birthday was spent cruising the Amalfie coastline with local boat operator Roberto, we really did feel like we were a part of the rich and famous and for one perfect day we were!! The day was topped off with an exquisite dinner at La Terraza followed by dancing at Music On The Rocks, yet another amazing evening in a most incredible place.

Rome was our next stop, our host was your gorgeous friend Mata, whose apartment was superb and perfectly located, the choice of local restaurants and cafes was ideal for the family and the Trasavere region a wonderful place to end the days of sightseeing.

Leaving Italy was certainly full of mixed feelings, we were grateful for the experience and hopeful of the possibility of returning one day.

I can understand your love for this extraordinary country and it’s people, our lives are richer for the experience and our new found friends.

Again I must thank you so very much for being a part of our fantastic holiday, one day we may have the opportunity to get together and share some photos.

I hope all goes well with your most recent book, of course we have a copy and refer to it often.

kind regards

Carolin, Michael, India, Spencer, Angus and Millie


Steve Vizard –Villa Unica & Villa  Delizia  – July 2012

Thanks again for organizing such a memorable holiday for our family in Positano. If we never have another family holiday, and the way the kids are going that’s entirely possible, if not desirable, then this is the one we will forever remember. Sarah said it was our best holiday ever: the perfect combination of a fantastic Australian beach holiday – our own villa, deep, perfect blue skies, kids heading to the beach or lounging by a pool , friends dropping by for long lunches, massive bowls of freshly prepared pasta, fresh tomatoes and basil picked from our own vegetable garden, sipping wine from the local deli on our balcony absorbing the distant isles, the ever changing waters and stunning beaches far below; and of a great European trip – our day trips to Capri, local restaurants, fishing, Ravello, Naples, touring, snorkeling, shopping, buying, eating, relaxing, laughing.
Highlights for me were lounging by the pool of our beautiful Villa; sitting, memorized, in the audience at the amphitheatre at Ravello, perched high in the mountains, watching one of the world’s great jazz musicians perform in front of a symphony orchestra as the sun set and the waters far glimmered red blue and yellow; surprising Sarah with a special family birthday lunch at the stunning San Pietro, in what she describes as her most beautiful and enjoyable birthday ever.
The Amalfi is a jewel and your friendly assistance and guidance made it so, so easy and so, so perfect.
Grazie mille

Joanne Vanderstok Villa Solare-  June 2012

Hi Amanda

Just to let you know we had a fabulous week in Positano – the villa was amazing! The ornaments and statues just made the place feel very special and the location and views couldn’t have been better.

Thanks again and I am sure we will all be making it back to that part of the world again sometime in the future as it was just fab!


Conor McGuire – Villa Solare  –  April 2012.

I have been meaning to drop you a note for a while – apologies for the delay.

We had a really great holiday and Positano was the highlight. The apartment was fantastic, everything worked well with Gennaro and the transport and generally it was pretty relaxing time. Many thanks once again for all your efforts and pursuing me in marathon email chains. Hopefully we can get back again someday!
Many thanks

Tracey Leeson – Apt Belvedere  May 2012

Hi Amanda

Just wanted to say thank you for all of your help with organising our stay in Positano. It truly was the most wonderful week and the accommodation was perfect!!! I have recommended you through our design blog as a thank you. A number of people spoke fondly of you when they found out I was Australian – you are obviously well liked in this gorgeous little town.

All the best.


Wendy Makin – Dec 2011

Congratulations on your website it looks fantastic and you have some fabulous properties listed. Unfortunately we haven’t been to Positano for a few years but are looking to go in 2013 for my 50th celebrations ,so in the meantime I can ponder over your lovely listings….Wendy

Jodie Young – October 2011.

Hi Amanda,

Just wanted to send you a HUGE thank you for all your help and guidance with our recent holiday in Positano. We had an amazing time in Italy and I now I am working hard at losing those 3kg I seem to have acquired over there. Can’t understand why with only having pastries for breakfast, copious amounts of wine and heaps of pasta, risotto and amazing cheeses and meats. Thank god for all those steps in Positano or I’m sure I would be trying to lose an extra 3 kgs!!

We ran into some old friends from Ballarat in Cinque Terre who were also travelling to Positano and on talking further with them we discovered that they also love your book and had booked an apartment (The Belvedere) through you. Talk about a small world. They were travelling with their 3 older kids. They also happened to be in Positano the same week we were there and we ran into them 3 times in Positano again.

My husband took your book with us and would pull it out at cafes and restaurants and all the shop owners would comment and talk about the beautiful Amanda!!

Our apartment in Positano was absolutely beautiful, the views were amazing and even though I cursed the steps after 2 to 3 trips up each day I loved every minute of it. Paolo was a pleasure to deal with and the drivers to and from Naples were great and stress free.

So I just wanted to thank you again Amanda for helping make this amazing holiday even more memorable for us. My husband and I would now love to take our 4 kids over in the next 2 to 3 years when we can save up so I hope to be in touch with you again in the future.

With warmest regards and best wishes,

Jodie xxxx

Ian Dunlop – Oct 2011

We had a terrific time in Positano and the accommodation was just perfect. In fact the week we spent in Positano was my favourite part as time spent with the family. We simply soaked up the village atmosphere and enjoyed the vista from our lofty position. Just beautiful. In fact we had a beautiful photo which was taken from the garden overlooking the beach put onto a large canvas hanging in our study. I am looking at it now!!

It has been a great pleasure making our holiday arrangements with you. We are very much looking forward to our visit.

Malcolm Edwards – October 2011

Hi Amanda,

I just wanted to drop you a note, having returned from Europe over the weekend, to say how much we enjoyed our stay in Positano.

The apartment was everything that you described it as being, and we had a lovely, restful time there, with lingering lunches, endless siestas, and wonderful food in the evenings! For your information, we went to Bar Bruno, which was terrific. Il Grottino Azzuro was sensational, and the Bar Internazionale was alluring, to say the least! We particularly liked Next 2, and thought it outstanding, and enjoyed Buco di Baco, but thought Da Vincenzos was somewhat overpriced and overstated. Needless to say, we had a wonderful lunch at Da Adolfo’s.

Your choice of drivers was terrific, and we enjoyed their company, and they were always prompt.

. It was very much appreciated, and may I wish you the very best for the new edition of your book.

All best wishes,


Ines Dunn- Sept 2011

‘My sister Linda rented a stunning apartment through Amanda in September 2011, Amanda’s doesn’t just rent you an apartment, she makes everything effortless! A must for every overseas holiday.’

‘Amanda was fantastic to deal with in every way! I emailed Amanda from Sydney to help organise a surprise Champagne for my sister’s birthday whilst she was in Positano. Amanda organised everything, just fabulous!’

‘I will definitely book an apartment through Amanda for our next trip to the Amalfi Coast, she knows everything there is to know about the Amalfi, apartments, restaurants, shops, transport……just fantastic.’

Greg Banks August 2011

Hi Amanda

Thank you for your suggestions. Angie couldn’t refuse my proposal on the Terrace of Infinity last evening at the Villa Cimbrone! If you are anywhere near Ravello tonight there is champagne with your name on it!

Thanks again, Greg.


Lesley Grice Sept 2010

Dear Amanda,
Just come back from 10 days in Praiano. Walked into La Perla Hotel and there on the table at reception was a copy of your book, I just had to smile. Found another copy at a little Tabacchi in Praiano as well. I’m physically here in dull England but I’m afraid I’ve left my heart in Italy. What a wrench it must have been for you. Just wanted to say thanks for the book, can’t wait to go back.

Les Grice

Fabio Vinaccia 2011

Dear Amanda,
I am a boy of Massa Lubrense, my girl-friend is from Positano.
I just read your book “My Amalfi Cost”, lovley , a very exciting story… I cried for the emotion…
You really understand what does it mean live the amalfi cost !!! Best place in the World !!!
Grazie per le emozioni che mi hai regalato

Fabio Vinaccia

Peter Fritz 2011

Dear Amanda,

Let me express my pleasure and thanks for your fantastic books. I have bought the one and I can write that is so amazing.
I was on the Amalfi Coast this July and I love this place from this moment. It was love at first sight.
I am so happy I can have your book to be in contact to this wonderful world.

Thanks so much
Best wishes
Peter Fritz

Luisa Alexandrescu 2011


We had the chance to spend a few days on the Amalfi coast and go through the pages of this wonderful book.
We would like to purchase it, to be delivered in Italy – Bergamo Could this be possible? What should we do?
Look forward to get your reply, thank you!

Best regards,

Luisa Alexandrescu
managing partner

Bucharest/ Romania

Phyllis Pufahl 2010

because I wanted to refer to it as we visited the villages along the Amalfi Coast. The visit was wonderful and certainly not disappointing. We stayed in Praiano,over the LizArt Ceramics shop. I didn’t connect that they were in the book until after we were there. They were so friendly and nice and we got to know them pretty well—as well as you can in only a weeks stay! We had them make some dinner plates with our names on them–how special!
We loved riding the local bus that runs only to Positano and, of course, the Sita Bus, even when we had to stand to our destination. We visited only Amalfi, Positano, and Ravello. Loved Ravello alot and we visited Positano 3 times, so I would say we also loved it.
One of my goals was to find the boat with the red fish—–we suceeded and went to Da Adolfo. It was fun to recognize some of the people from the book. I had Marco and your son,Marco sign my book. They both were very nice and friendly. We met another couple that were from Canberra and had a great afternoon chatting with them. I felt like I was in the middle of a “novel” and I knew the cast of characters!
We also found your T-shirt shop, quite by accident. The cute designs that were on display outside as we walked to our bus stop caught my eye. We had to stop to look and that is when I saw your signature. I had to buy some for me, my husband, and grandchildren. I love the designs and everyone thought they were great. Also found Pepito’s shop and purchased things from that shop. Had my picture taken with Pepito—also right out of the book.
Thanks again, Phyllis Pufahl

Antonio e Paola Minniti 2009 


Antonio Porpora 2009

Gent.ma Signora Amanda, sono Antonio Porpora, il nuovo presidente del Gusta Minori. Ho avuto modo di poter visionare il suo libro, è davvero bellissimo e davvero complimenti per le stupende fotografie.

Darren Garth 2009

Hi Amanda,
Congratulations on a great book; I got it last Christmas & my wife & I went to the Amalfi Coast in May this year; your book was a great help.
We visited Bar Internazionale & I spoke to a woman working there called Paola. She asked me to ask you if there was a chance of getting Italian language versions of your book down to Positano as they could only order it from London.
I guess she thought because I was Australian I would know you, ha ha…Anyway, I just remembered today to pass that message on to you…
Darren Garth