The best side trip ever!

One of the best side trips while visiting the Amalfi Coast has to be the island of Capri. Although it is NOT official apart of the Amalfi Coast, it is so close and so pretty….it might as well be!  But you have to be organised, well informed and have plenty of energy to made the most of the fabulous island.

If we are talking summer and you are on a budget, just do a day trip as accommodation in Capri can be very expensive during the summer season. Then again the masses disappear at night and the island becomes an enchanted mix of locals and eclectic fun visitors itching to kick up their heels!

Otherwise head to the island in the quiet season (my favourite time)………March and/or October, avoid the crowds, enjoy the locals and embrace the space in the all the restaurants and bars!

1) Organise your itinerary. If you are a walker, then get your trekking guide sorted before you go. I can help with booking your English speaking guide.  He will show you the magnificent walk of Napoleans’ little fortresses, Google them……..they are delightful and run along one of  the top ridges of the island- a true paradise. Visit the little chair lift that leaves from the main piazza in Anacapri and will allow you some of the most spectacular views in Capri and the famous Vesuvius mountain in Naples. Make sure you walk down to i Faraglioni to enjoy a wonderful meal by the sea at Fontelina or Da Luigi.

The sensational Faraglioni rock that jut out from the Mediterranean Sea and face the Amalfi Coast. If you can see them clearly  from Positano.........this indicates bad weather coming, do prepare!

The sensational Faraglioni rock that juts out from the Mediterranean Sea and face the Amalfi Coast. If you can see them clearly from Positano………this indicates bad weather coming, do prepare!


Naturally you will have to eat something delicious at midday and if you are in the vicinity of i Faraglioni, I heavily suggest Fontalina or Da Luigi. If you are on the Anacapri side I recommend Il lido di Faro……….amazing fish under salt! Both are fantastic spots for sunning and swimming, which oddly enough is not so easily accessed in Capri unless on a boat or yacht!


The fish recipe in world! baked under salt. Il Lido di Faro do an excellent one!

The best fish recipe in the world ….baked under salt. Il Lido di Faro do an excellent one!


If you are near the Grotto Azzurro you cannot go past Il Riccio and their famous dessert room. It will blow your mind……..and you taste buds!

Mouth watering desserts from the 'Sweet Room' at Il Riccio, heavily guarded by a siren mounting a giant squid   . The magnificent work of great sculptor Paolo Sandulli from Praiano.

Mouth watering desserts from the ‘Sweet Room’ at Il Riccio, heavily guarded by a siren mounting a giant squid . The magnificent work of great sculptor Paolo Sandulli from Praiano.

Delicious macchiato cafe to accompany all those wonderful desserts!

Delicious macchiato cafe to accompany all those wonderful desserts!

There are plenty of less expensive spots to eat, so do your research before going, especially if travelling in high season. The restaurants are packed!

2) Do your research of the island and know what you want to see. If you are not a trekker but a keen shopper…make sure you head to the right area. Around the main clock piazza is a great start and just up the path from the Marconi Outlet which is well worth a visit for some summer cashmere!….

Brightly coloured cashmeres for summer...........,my draws are full of them from Marconi Outlet.

Brightly coloured cashmeres for summer………..,my draws are full of them from Marconi Outlet.


3) Distribute your energy well when planning a day trip to Capri. Don’t try and see and do everything in one day. You will leave exhausted and hating the entire experience. Do a little sight seeing, a little shopping and a lot of swimming, sunning and eating!


PS here is a great website tip if travelling to Capri……this will get you there.

A bird's eye close up of i Faraglioni in Capri

A bird’s eye close up of i Faraglioni in Capri

Baci Baci e buon viaggio!


Best trip up the Amalfi Coast!

There is a new little vehicle to rent in Positano on the Amalfi Coast. It’s a mini electric car where you sit one behind the other like a motorbike, but the driver has a steering wheel, rear vision mirrors, seat belt, break pad and accellerator, and a roof! AND you feel like you are on a sailing boat… is so green and so so quiet, except for its very loud horn, which is important in Italy. Not to mention the two doors which open like a fancy Ferrari (up! not out!).

I had the best days zooming up the coastline to Ravello for a wander and caffe in the piazza then down to lunch at the magnificent Torre Normanna in Maiori, apx 45 mins from Positano. This little car also charges in decent, so cruising down from Ravello we gained more juice! Not to mention our darling parking man at the Torre Normanna who plugged us into their 220 V electricity plug on the roadside and charged us up for a good run home after lunch and a swim.

Best little joyride up the Amalfi Coast! and you don't even need to ride a vespa, just drive a car!

Best little joyride up the Amalfi Coast! and you don’t even need to ride a vespa, just drive a car! your friend in the back and you up front!

A full tank of electric juice will get you up to Ravello for some shopping, coffee and a cruise around town, and you will recharge as you come back down the hill. 10 mins further along the coast is the town of Maiori and the magnificent 12 century tower of Torre Normanna which is now the home and charming restaurant of the Proto brothers from Minori just down the road. Ivano and Daniele run the dinning room which caters for weddings, parties, celebrations and plenty of handsome romantic couple, while Gigi and Massimo run the wonderful kitchen creating extraordinary dishes for the diners. This is a special treat and a fabulous day out.

Massimo & Gigi are truly passionate cooks delighting in feeding us not only delicious local food but with  5 star presentation and paying attention to every little detail including all our needs, allergies, intolerances, likes and dislikes.

Both myself and Tess my girlfriend try to avoid gluten as we are both of low tolerance. Well Torre Normanna not only bake their own hot little gluten free bread rolls but also dished up the most delicious gluten free sea food pasta! Trust the Italian to know how to make a delicious GF bread roll…..I was very surprised! I thought wheat was their poison till their dying day! We were in heaven.


This charming man watched over us as we swam and climbed in and out of the Med!


precious swimming water for an after or pre lunch dip!

precious swimming water for an after or pre lunch dip!


After lunch we just flopped around on some beach beds and swam in the sea! what a fabulous day out. A sunset silent drive back to Positano topped of one of the best days I have had on this coastline.Contact me so I can book your car and your lunch. I promise you WONT be disappointed. AND Torre Normanna is also one of the hot spots on my Gourmet Safari in Sept/Oct so book now.

Buon appetito e buon viaggio!

baci baci xxx

Gourmet Safari on the Amalfi Coast!

Gourmet_Safari_p1_2Gourmet_Safari_p2_2Gourmet_Safari_p3_2TO BOOK CONTACT ME ON

Going Raw…………. Yikes! Not very Italian I know.

It may sound insane but  I am Going Raw for 3 months! I know this is not very Italian but boy its a great prep for that coming Italian stint in Europe this summer. All that gluten (PASTA), dairy (MOZZARELLA & CHEESE), sugar (TIRAMISU), alcohol (WINES) that one loves to enjoy whilst on vacation in Italy is all fine in moderation but is your body ready for it?  This is all very acidic food and quite harmful if you overdose. Before heading off for that fabulous ‘degustation’ holiday, make sure you are ready for it so you dont come home feeling & looking line a like a mozzarella ball yourself!

If you are heading up Kilimanjaro wouldn’t you be training before leaving home doing heaps of stairs, climbing and generally getting fit ? Well eating your way around Italy and the Amalfi Coast is a bit the same, you really should prepare for it.

Breath and go Cuoncio Cuoncio! slowly slowly..........

Breath and go Cuoncio Cuoncio! slowly slowly……….

So apart from doing plenty of stairs before leaving home, very essential on the Amalfi Coast so you dont have screaming sore calves and shins for an entire week when you arrive just getting to and from the beach, try a good  ORGANIC Alkaline diet to get yourself prepped for your big Italian  food fest ! I suggest starting a few months before leaving home. I’m a pretty extreme person so decided to go RAW! Only raw veggies ,sprouted seeds, grains and nuts plus a few berries &  fruits  for three months. This is really a big detox. Go for very little acidic food; no meat, fish, dairy, gluten grains, heavy oils, or sugar………..just plenty of raw veggies, fruit, spouted non gluten grains like buckwheat and quinoa, fermented veggies (I  make my own and they are delicious – recipe to follow) , seaweeds for iodine and  a few seeds and nuts………..but not too many as they too are full of Omega 6, which is something we want to avoid. Think Omega 3 in it’s plant form and this is what we want to achieve for perfect health and energy!

You  may feel a bit “orribile” (horrible) to start with, but that will soon change and  before long you will be feeling on top of the world, full of energy and with little hunger!

A few weeks before you leave, I would start slowly introducing  a few lightly steamed foods, some light  gluten free grain toast, about 20% of what you eat could be now cooked  to get your system used to a regular diet again. Try and stay off the heavy stuff like red meat, heavy dairy, sugar and too much wine. “Cuoncio cuoncio” “slowly slowly” as the locals say while climbing up those long staircases on the Amalfi Coast! The eating is the same deal.

Go veggies! and there is no better place than Italia!

Go veggies! and there is no better place than Italia!

Dont forget the juices and smoothies! The Italian flag is the way to go and these will stop the hunger, up the energy and alkaline your entire system.

La BANDIERA ITALIANA! The Italian Flag - Fresh watermelon juice - creamy almond milk and delicious sweet green veggie juice to fill your day! you cannot beat this for good health!!!!

La BANDIERA ITALIANA! The Italian Flag – Fresh watermelon juice – creamy almond milk and delicious sweet green veggie juice to fill your day! you cannot beat this for good health!!!!


See Kimberly Snyder for some great tips & recipes, she is one of the best experts with smoothies, alkaline diet and energy tips and if you are feeling really brave, go the RAW with Kristina. I cant get enough of those fermented veggies and they are so easy to prepare. I make a batch a week and finish the lot!  Here is Kimberly’s fermented veggies recipes  Don’t forget, don’t go nuts with the nuts! they can be dangerous and very fattening! you don’t want to look like a blown up Macadamia nut in your pretty Italian bikini on the Amalfi Coast !
For more tips on preparing for your Italian stint write to me at or for your accommodation  visit

Kale chips.....and RAW!

Kale chips…..and RAW!

Buon Appetito and don’t forget, all great treats come in small ‘organic’ packages !

A Secret hideaway on the Amalfi Coast – Casa Privata!

Have you ever wondered why some of the most breath taking destinations in the world become so over run with people and unbearably over crowded during the seasonal months? 100 years ago it wasn’t like this. Only the privileged got to visit these exotic and beautiful spots so in some way, they were protected, but today everything has changed and it is open slather! Transport is cheaper, accommodation is super accessible, the Internet has changed everything. In a way this is good, why shouldn’t everyone enjoy …………the world! However once these beautiful destinations have been discovered by the masses, its all over! Today every spot on the planet is up for grabs ! The locals are generally keen to promote their special niche to make ends meet so become less selective about controlling the amount of people who come and go, making it less fortunately for that area to be over run by too many travellers. But some how the ‘budget traveller’ and the ‘privileged ones’ sort it out and hunker down together in these tiny paradises all over the world.

The Amalfi Coast is definitely one of these special destinations. The problem is how does one enjoy this paradise without battling the maddening crowds, a battery of over booked restaurants, wall to wall beach beds and lengthy exhausting cues! And dont forget all the Italians are there to enjoy their little paradise too! It IS their country don’t forget but Italians are not great at cueing……and although the foreigners are a bit better educated at this, it can still be very confrontational!

The fairytale town of Atrani.......voted one of the smallest prettiest villages in Europe!

The fairytale town of Atrani…….voted one of the smallest prettiest villages in Europe!

The trick is finding that special little corner where time has stood still, the natural beauty of the area is still in place and you are not battling with cues, crowds, impossible restaurant bookings, slow service and wall to wall beach beds! phew……….hardly a holiday right? And you certainly dont want to have to mortgage your family home or sell your children on the slave market to enjoy this holiday! so is has to be financially viable as well!

Finding the right property can be a challenge when you want to visit these special destinations in summer. For whatever reason whether is be for school holidays or just to take advantage of the great weather. Its a wonderful thing to know you can arrive at your villa and that you wont have all the above trials to deal with on arrival.

Tucked away on the less frantic side of the town of Praiano on the Amalfi Coast is a wonderful villa called Casa Privata; and it is just that……….A private house! yes, you may have to do the 150 stairs from the roadside to get to the main villa, but here are the benefits; absolute privacy, breathtaking views, no noise or crowds, stunning surroundings and unlimited peace. Plus a fully staffed villa who will shop, cook and schlepp (luggage) for you the entire stay….. you will not want to leave this property!

The staff will prepare wonderful local dishes for you and serve them al-fresco on the ample terraces overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Everything you need is at the villa and at your finger tips. They will organise everything for you from connecting your music to the Bose speakers indoor and out to booking your boat or helicopter rides!

So whether you are a romantic couple or a group of 20 friends and family, this is one of those special magical spots that will gift you that very special once in a life time holiday. For bookings and more details on this property please visit my website;

Luxurious canopied bed at Casa Privata

Luxurious canopied bed at Casa Privata



My darling friend Anna Tizani, owner of one of the best beachside restaurants on the Amalfi Coast; Conca del Sogno in Recommone has arrived in Sydney with one of her top chefs. Together they will be holding special cooking classes in Balmain in February of 2014 so book as soon as you can to  not miss out!

Day 4 Anna-96 copy

The magnificent terraces of Conca del Sogno restaurant on the Amalfi Coast.


Anna Tizani cooking up a storm!

Anna Tizani cooking up a storm!

Anna works with a cast of thousands and does it brilliantly. She will make sure every client leaves happy and totally satisfied with the food from her wonderful kitchen. She is open longer than most beach establishments and even when seas are rough and boat transport difficult, it’s well worth the trip via car.

Marco at the stove top!

Marco carving up that bunny!

Anna has long been a good friend and her heavenly restaurant on the Amalfi Coast has been a favourite destination for decades. Over the decades I have been lucky enough to enjoy this venue with intimate romantic tete-a-tete meals, rowdy joyful summer lunches with many friends and even a 200 head wedding at night ! and the one thing that never changes is the incredible quality of her food. This will always be a special meal for anyone visiting the Amalfi Coast and one of the definite destinations on my coming Gourmet Safaris starting at the end of May 2014!

Anna can have anything up to 30 staff at one time in her amazing kitchen to make things run smoothly over summer. She serves the ‘elite’ from all over Europe and the world and gives them the service and quality food they expect. Every mouthful is a joy and Anna runs the internal part of this beachside paradise like a military exercise. She will make sure you leave happy and satisfied!

Getting ready to tuck into some delicious food at Conca del Sogno

Getting ready to tuck into some delicious food at Conca del Sogno

Lovely Marco from Conca del Sogno in Recommone, now in Sydney to teach us some Amalfi Coast cooking!

Lovely Marco from Conca del Sogno in Recommone, now in Sydney to teach us some Amalfi Coast cooking!

So contact me now to book your cooking classes with Anna and Marco in Feb of 2014 in Balmain Sydney, it will be a memorable day for all!!!



I am overjoyed to finally share some of my 20 years of experiences with fellow Amalfi Coast lovers.

Living and loving in this magnificent region of Italy for nearly two decades was a great thrill, but to return & share some of my favourite moments with some fellow Australians gives me even greater pleasure.

By far ‘food’ consumed an enormous part of my daily life while living in Positano on the Amalfi Coast all those years, and I could safely say the same or most locals. My partner was in the food industry with one of the most successful beach restaurants on the Amalfi Coast, so I did have that extra boost!

We would wake up and discuss what we’d have for lunch, then during the morning we’d chat about how we would prepare it while making our purchases, then we’d talk about its greatness while we ate it and at the end of the meal, we talked about what we would eat for dinner that night …………and so the cycle would continue. I never tired of this daily ritual. Luckily all those stairs and running around keep my figure trimmer than the day I arrived. What a bonus!

Being closely connected to the food industry, a lot of our acquaintances and friends were also restaurateurs or retailers.They became a big part of my life for the next 20 years. Over the years I have stayed in touch with them making annual visits to their establishments and venues. Some are professional chefs, others are simply amazing home cooks.They became the key notes and protagonists in my latest book, Amalfi Coast Recipes (Penguin Oct 2012).They not only gave me their time and dedication to produce this fabulous cook book, but shared some of their most treasured recipes that have been in their families for generations.

Today they have generously agreed to prepare some spectacular dishes for us to savour in the magnificent surroundings of the Amalfi Coast.We will not be a large group, with a maximum of 8 pers. Due to the sheer geography of this region, smaller numbers work better. I’m a big believer in intimacy when it comes to great food experiences.

This fabulous week long Safari will be a magnificent nostalgic voyage for me which I hope we will share together.

This seven day safari will nurture your palate and all your travel senses. Here are just some of the chefs and their dishes you will meet along the way!

The fabulous Andrea from the Buca di Bacco Restaurant in Positano. One of the oldest most established on the coast!

The fabulous Andrea from the Buca di Bacco Restaurant in Positano. One of the oldest most established on the coast!


A  traditiional hearty pasta/meat dish from Andrea's kitchen.

A traditiional hearty pasta/meat dish from Andrea’s kitchen.


The gorgeous playful Erika will delight with her super sophisticated dishes tucked away on the mountain top in her little restaurant in Montepertuso!

The gorgeous playful Erika will delight with her super sophisticated dishes tucked away on the mountain top in her little restaurant in Montepertuso!


One of Erika's wonderful fish dishes, cod, peas and vongole!!!

One of Erika’s wonderful fish dishes, cod, peas and vongole!!!


Fortunata, the queen of the pasteries will delight you.

Fortunata, the queen of the pasteries will delight you.


nobody makes an artichoke pasta like Fortunata!

nobody makes an artichoke pasta like Fortunata!


Massimo will cook up a storm for you in his 12 century tower in Maiori

Massimo will cook up a storm for you in his 12 century tower in Maiori


Massimo's traditional pasta aglio olio is an after dinner treat!  simple but not so easy to make it this well!

Massimo’s traditional pasta aglio olio is an after dinner treat! simple but not so easy to make it this well!


Tour dates are generally from  Sat to Sat – Sept/ Oct 2014. Dates are days are negotiable according to group numbers.  Maximum group size is 8 guests.

For more information, pricing & bookings



Don’t miss an opportunity for ‘The Big Grill’!

There is nothing healthier to eat for our body than vegetables! The classic western “FOOD PYRAMID” has it all wrong……..all those grains & startchy foods in abundance are a disaster! Just ask any poor sod with a bit of gluten intolerance, ( like me and 1/2 the planet today)  and he will verify that all those grains are his worst nightmare. All that stodgy stuff just clogs up the works!

Healthy grilled vegetables dressed lightly with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and fresh erbs.

Healthy grilled vegetables dressed lightly with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and fresh erbs.

Healthy grilled vegetables dressed lightly with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and fresh erbs.

Yet I’ve never heard of anyone who is allergic to veggies! yes there are some that need avoiding at certain times of ones life, but generally a veggie dish will take you a lot further than a big fat sandwich! And think COLOUR! we need as much variety of coloured vegetables as possible to feed our brains! Dr. Terry Wahls and Dr. David  Perlmutter two BIG BRAIN EXPERTS, experts on brain power, no matter what your health issues are will guarantee this!

And if you HAVE to cook those veggies, then the gentle grill is a great way to go…….or a slow bake. Please don’t be tempted to whack up the flame, it is not necessary and is also harmful to your food. Just be kind & gentle  to your veggies as you would be to your insides.

Generally the Italian love to grill ‘nightshade’ veggies like  eggplant and capsicum. But if you are going through a slightly inflamed period drop these and do the following which are delicious on the griddle. ZUCCINI – PUMPKIN – SWEET POTATO – FENNEL – RADICCHIO – These to me are the best flavours.  There is no need for oils or fats while cooking , just a sprinkle of good quality  celtic or sea salt on the griddle while it warms then away you go placing a layer of sliced veggies cut to apx 1/2 cm thick on the griddle. Cover the griddle till it is full and when they have achieved their grilled stripe, flip them over and do the other side. Then repeat the process until you have cooked all you require.


The flavour is fantastic and these veggies will last in a sealed glass container in your fridge for quite a few days. They can be added to salads, pasta sauces or toppings on open gluten free seeded breads. The best breads you can buy are  Coconut Pete’s breads up at BU Organics at 40 Ebley st Bondi Junction NSW 2022. He has dozens of different types from millet to amaranth and beyond…….. they are all delicious!


When all the veggies are cooked layer them on a large platter, let them cook then drizzle them with a little extra virgin olive oil, lots of finely chopped garlic and parsley and if if you like a bit of a kick, sprinkle with some freshly chopped  chillis! You may need to check for salt as the veggies do absorb quite a bit from the griddle.

Grilled veggies topped with Organic Extra virgin olive oil dressing and finely chopped red bell peppers.

Grilled veggies topped with Organic Extra virgin olive oil dressing and finely chopped red bell peppers.

Join me in a few days and I will give you some great tips on some baked and raw veggie ideas which will keep your tummy happy and healthy…….and not one hunger pain in sight!

PLUS I have some stunning new properties on the Amalfi Coast for your winter holidays next year, which I will also be chatting about on my coming blog pages.

AND dont miss my fabulous GOURMET SAFARI starting next June 2014! I will also give you some more details. You will learn to make all those wonderful dishes like The Big Grilled veggie dish and many others.


A Gourmet Safari on the Amalfi Coast – to never forget!

Book now for June 7 2014. As a follow up to the great success of Amalfi Coast Recipes  we are preparing a sensational week long Gourmet Safari on the Amalfi Coast next June. My favourite chefs have been flat out this  summer, but have agreed to spoil us whole-heatedly early next summer before the masses arrive!

Here below is our recent flyer to entice you a little. There will be a maximum of 8 pers per week so book this wonderful five star Safari soon!


What: Join Amanda Tabberer  for a delectable journey of local food & wine along the Amalfi Coast.  Author of two best selling books on this region My Amalfi Coast (2008) & Amalfi Coast Recipes (2012)  and long standing local of nearly 20 years, Amanda will take you on a delightful & unforgettable gourmet safari like no other.




This gourmet safari requires a minimum of 6 pers or a maximum of 8 pers,  smaller numbers can be negotiated.  This week long adventure will take you to some of Amanda’s favorite restaurants & kitchens along the Amalfi Coast…….she will also introduce you to some of her favorite chefs from her recently published book; Amalfi Coast Recipes!

From mountain top hideaway trattorias to beachside eateries that will blow your mind and palate, you will taste some excellent local wines and devour everything from exquisite fisherman’s treasures from the sea to comforting country delicacies fit for a Neapolitan King!

When: The best time to enjoy a good gourmet safari is definitely outside the High Season period. So Amanda will always attempt to leave the second half of May through to June and again at the end of September to the middle of October.

How: All you have to do is get yourself to Rome and Amanda will organise  the rest!  You will have a limousine  pickup from the Rome airport (or Naples if you prefer), she will book your accommodation according to your preferences, whether it be a spacious villa for  8 pers, a group of cosy individual  apartments  or a central glossy hotel………….and for those interested,  she will organize an excellent local chef to give a private cooking class!……naturally followed by a delicious meal.



Where: This safari will take you up and down the Amalfi Coast to eat in any one of the 13 villages. From the mountain top town of Tramonti to the fishing village of Cetara & anywhere in between; these are all possible venues. The 40 kms coastline is easily accessible with our luxury minivan or local ‘gozzo’ boat and Amanda will strive for a good variety of not only dishes but also villages to offer you a rich and varied palate and experience.







General Itinerary:  Breakfast will be at your leisure in your hotel, villa or local bar if you prefer to mingle with the townsfolk! When you are not enjoying a Gourmet meal with Amanda, she will offer you a list of extra exciting things to do while visiting the Amalfi coast region and help you plan your day ahead of time or even as a spontaneous event. You will know in advance if your gourmet treat each day will be a leisurely lazy luncheon or an enchanted evening meal. The exact venues of each Gourmet meal will be decided on arrival when the weather patterns will determine if sea or land transport is better. The third meal each day will be at your own discretion, if you have room for it!



Costs:  Included in Safari:

*On booking you will receive a free copy of Amalfi Coast Recipes to wet your palate and prepare your senses for the Gourmet Safari!

*All transport via sea or limousine to and from venues including airport transport to and from the Amalfi Coast and Rome or Naples

*All accommodation  – see below for specifics

* All land and sea transport during your weeks safari to and from our venues.

* Daily continental breakfast

*One  delicious Safari meal each day, lunch or dinner –   accompanied by excellent local wines

*One home Cooking class followed by a Safari tasting.

*One Wine tasting with a spuntino (refreshments)!

*At least  two sunset cocktails on a five star terrace overlooking the       Mediterranean.

*You will receive a comprehensive list of extra activities, restaurants, trattorias, tours, points of interest on the Amalfi Coast to enjoy during your stay while not eating with Amanda……if you have the time & energy! Amanda will assist you in organising your outing of choice.





Costs: Excluded in Safari:


Extra meals not mentioned in the above Safari itinerary.

Extra tours & activities during your stay.


Final Pricing:  

Gourmet Safari with  Doubles accommodation in a four star hotel or five star villa apx 8300 euro  @ head 

Gourmet Safari with Single accommodation in a four star hotel or five star villa apx 9500 euro @ head

I look forward to seeing you on A Gourmet Safari on the Amalfi Coast – to never forget!

Book now at:

A presto!




An Amalfi Coast recipe with an Asian twist…

After 20 years living and working on the Amalfi Coast, I don’t think there is one thing in my life today that HASN’T been influence by the period I spent on this enchanting coastline. From the way I dress, to how I entertain, hang the washing out (dryers are far and few between on the Amalfi Coast……..thank heavens!), clean my house, do my gardening and drive my car.  But most of all, the  food I eat today has been so heavily influence by this regions talented chefs, cooks or simply close friends.

Often I cant remember if I am preparing something I was taught by an Amalfi Coast local or if I have just constructed a dish on automatic pilot, osmosis or brail! It is so often done from the gut with whatever knowledge has been picked up along the way. Growing up in Australia has also had a huge Asian influence on my cooking and the fresh goods available to me. So below you will find a fabulous Amalfi Coast recipes with an Asian twist………!Today not all recipes are strictly from one area. Fusions are rife worldwide! Here is an Amalfi Coast recipe with an Asian twist….!

Here is my favourite ‘healthy’ Sicilian/Asian/Aussie influence summer salad: The Sicilians LOVE to mix their seafood with fresh citrus fruits in summer!

Healthy Prawn, Orange cubes & Seaweed Salad. Serves 6 pers.

Prawn, orange wedge & seaweed salad with flaxseed dressing.

Prawn, orange wedge & seaweed salad with organic or flaxseed or Extra virgin dressing!.

1 kilo raw  peeled prawn – make sure your prawns come from clean local waters or the ocean away from polluted waters!………. not imported ones. And the smaller they are, the less mercury they will have!

3 tblspns lemon juice. You can also use white wine vinegar as they do in Sicily but if you are watching your candida levels, go with the lemon juice!

1 tblspn of Celtic sea salt or Himalayan salt.

4 organic oranges

2 baby heads of organic cos lettuce or 1 large one

3 tblspns of  good quality Extra virgin Olive Oil OR good quality organic flaxseed oil  dressing (see recipe below) if you want to up your Omega 3!

1/3 cup of finely striped organic seaweed soaked in a very small amount of seasame oil with a teaspn of Agavi syrup and some finely chopped fresh chilli pepper.

Freshly ground black pepper.


Cut 3 1/2 oranges into quarters and peel away skin. Clean out any fibres and pips and cut into cubes. Put aside one orange half for dressing.

In a pot of boiling water add your lemon juice and salt and wait a sec till it re-boils. Add your peeled whole raw prawns and cook for ONE minute only. If they are larger, cook a little longer. They seriously take very little time to cook through and should be very tender and tasty. Drain.

Clean and chop your cos lettuce into 2 cms strips and scatter onto a large flat salad bowl. Top with warm prawns (or cooled) and orange cubes. Scatter the seaweed stripes over the top of the salad and drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and the juice a 1/2 orange and ground black pepper. Check for salt as the seaweed is already quite salty.

Alternatively if you prefer to make your own flaxseed dressing pour into a glass jar or bottle the following and shake well then drizzle over salad. Taste it before pouring and alter to your liking. You wont need all this dress but its good to make extra and keep in the fridge for a short time.

1 cup flaxseed oil

1/2 cup of orange or lemon juice

salt to taste

1 tspn of Agavi syrup

1 tspn of french mustard (leave out if watch your candida levels)

1 glove of garlic squashed.

Shake well while you do a little dance around the kitchen and drizzle over your salad with AMORE!  and make sure the garlic chunk remains behind in the jar.

Buon degustazione!

Prawn, orange wedge and seaweed salad

Prawn, orange wedge and seaweed salad

N.B. Health notes:

If you are watching your Candida levels, leave out the Vinegar – one of the foods that candida thrive on!. Next you can eliminate the very small amount of Agavi Syrup as all Candida LOVES sweet stuff………This also goes for oranges if you are being very very careful. You can replace the oranges with blueberries!……also very pretty!

My guru Organic green grocer doesn’t love Flaxseed oil as he says its very unstable, unlike Extra virgin Olive Oil. But if you have an excellent sauce……..go for it! It only last 6 wks before it become rancid and must be refrigerated at all times………  it is one the best plant based sauces of Omega

Watch for a bitter after taste, this will be rancidity setting in and it’s time to heave it! It sound be buttery and smooth to taste. And also don’t forget the littl’ leaf of Persalane !  another mega sauce of plant based Omega 3 and a small quantity is terrific tossed into your salads



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